E-book editions of our 2015 general election manifesto are now on sale

Let me start by saying it doesn’t matter whether or not you own an e-reader – for example, a Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader – for this news to be of potential interest to you. Most of the companies who sell e-readers – for example Amazon, with respect to Kindle – offer excellent free-to-download software so you can read e-books on laptops, tablets etc. I’ve only ever read Kindle books on my PC, and the software is outstanding. I expect the same is true for other platforms.

Our 2015 election manifesto is 80 pages long, and not available in a print edition. We’ve had a lot of requests to make it available in an e-book edition, mainly from people who want to read it ‘on the move’. It’s just gone on sale on Amazon.co.uk (£4.99) and Amazon.com ($7.48), and presumably all of their sites. It will become available through other retailers in the next 1-2 weeks.

The e-book edition is the perfect way to read the manifesto. When you click on any of the 284 links to external materials, you’ll be taken to the list of references- the one you’ve clicked will be at the top of the new page. Click on it, and you’ll go straight to the material. Revert to Kindle, right-click and select ‘Back’, and you’ll be taken straight back to the point in the manifesto where you clicked on the link. At least, that’s how it works on the PC version of Kindle software which I’ve just tested. I doubt the Kindle device is just as simple.

Hopefully it goes without saying that all profits from this edition will go towards our campaigning costs. With little more than three months to go before the general election, what better way to show your support for the human rights of men and boys, than ordering a copy? Thank you, as always.

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