Dan Perrins: Darwin’s Rejects attempt to disrupt CAFE event

Among the people I most enjoyed meeting in Detroit was Dan Perrins, a Canadian MHRA. He was wonderful company, and even gave me his last cigar on the final morning, which was much appreciated. Dan’s a fine man on many counts, and he’s just posted this on AVfM. It includes two short files (the first video, the second audio) of Darwin’s Rejects – both male and female – at the CAFE event.

I watched a documentary once about a chimpanzee which had been trained to recognise hundreds of words. Darwin’s Rejects are unable to operate at such a high intellectual level, and like others of their type the world over, just about manage to memorise and later chant little rhymes consisting of two short lines apiece. In the first file you can see them chanting this gem:

 MRAs – telling lies,

We can see through your disguise!

It’s a surprise these people manage to put on matching shoes every morning. Maybe they get help with tasks like that.

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