Video on the Oppression Olympics

If you don’t laugh at this video you’re probably a feminist, in which case you won’t be laughing often, anyway.

The theme of the video reminded me of a fringe meeting at the Conservative spring conference two or three years ago. I was in the audience in a meeting run by the think-tank Politeia, where various speakers were wittering on about the ‘need’ for more women on corporate boards. I asked the first question in the Q&A session, enquiring why there’s a ‘need’ for more women on boards when longitudinal studies clearly show that one consequence would be declines in corporate financial performance. The ladies in the audience – and the meeting organisers – didn’t look too happy at my question. The responses from two or three speakers was unmemorable, probably the usual guff about the ‘need’ to realise women’s potential.

Later in the Q&A session a lady in the audience stated that as a black woman, she faced a ‘double-glazed glass ceiling’. Assuming she was making a joke, I laughed out loud. When I was the focus of a dozen women with expressions suggesting they’d just chewed on thick lemon slices, I realised my assumption had been false. Happy days.

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