Sky blocks access to J4MB website

We get regular reports about ISPs blocking access to this site, and many other men’s human rights websites. Our thanks to Ian for informing us that Sky is currently blocking access to this site, having placed it in the ‘Weapons, violence, gore and hate’ category. We wonder who reported it as being a ‘hate site’. Or possibly not.

The related ‘screen grab’:

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3 thoughts on “Sky blocks access to J4MB website

  1. Yes, shame on Sky. If I was with them, I’d cancel immediately. Just who are the people making these decisions at these ISPs? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in some of those meetings where the decisions get made.

  2. So a company whose business model is based on broadcasting men’s sports hates men’s rights. Unfortunately many men like sports more than their own rights so will not bother to protest.

    On the other hand many feminists sites are full of genuine hate but I am not calling for their right to free speech be removed.

    Shame on Sky.

  3. It’s only blocked while you have content filters switched on. Sky is my ISP and I don’t have any issues accessing it, although I have a massive issue with Men’s rights sites being classified as “hate”.

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