BBC ‘Newsnight’ ignores male victims of domestic violence – yet again.

You could be forgiven for assuming that the Fawcett Society has full editorial control of the BBC flagship news programme Newsnight. The latest episode finished about two hours ago:

Around half the programme consisted of pieces that must have had gender feminists cackling over their cauldrons. The first piece (1:12 – 11:10) covers the story about the man and woman who pleaded guilty today to sending threatening tweets to Caroline Criado-Perez, and Jeremy Paxman interviews her at length. Needless to say she takes the opportunity to trot out her tedious misogynistic / sexist society speech we’ve heard so many times before, with nobody presenting counter-arguments.

But it was the second piece (22:08 – 33:54) that got a number of supporters and myself hopping mad. Newsnight has a long track record of following gender feminist narratives on domestic abuse/violence (DV) being solely (or overwhelmingly) a male-on-female phenomenon. And so it was again in this programme. Maybe to give some pretence of balance, one of Paxman’s interviewees was a man, but he kept to the same feminist narrative line, presumably because – on the evidence of this piece, anyway – his charity gets its income from supporting female victims and/or seeking to change the behaviours of male perpetrators. Then we had Polly Neate of Woman’s Aid who – of course – also never mentioned female perpetrators or male victims. Not one mention was made in the almost 12 minute long piece about most domestic abuse being reciprocal, or that in 70% of cases of uni-directional DV, the perpetrators are women.

We’re going to file an official complaint against the BBC in relation to the relentlessly biased coverage of DV on Newsnight. We have videos from previous episodes on our YouTube channel.

I end the day (1:40 am) with a request for donations. We’re putting more effort than ever into our work, and it would be good to get more contributions for the cost of my flights (£800 – £1,000) to and from Detroit in late June, where I’ve been asked to give a presentation about our work and strategies to the first international conference on men’s issues. You can make a donation here

Thank you for your support.

8 thoughts on “BBC ‘Newsnight’ ignores male victims of domestic violence – yet again.

  1. He was appalling but then again the entire programme was fundamentally flawed from the start. They might as well have invited just one man-hating feminist on and had them talk to themself.

  2. It’s not just female on male violence they are supporting here. Much domestic violence is reciprocal with women significantly more likely to strike the first blow. If they won’t stop those women from lashing out and teach them to control their anger, then many are going to end up as what feminists regard as “victims” if their male partner finally snaps and hits back.

  3. Thanks for this. It’s a scandal. As usual, women aren’t being held accountable for their actions and inactions. It’s little wonder there’s so much female-on-male DV going on.

  4. Not sure if you’re aware Mike but these “treatment” programmes they keep mentioning thought the piece are even more sexist than dv services. They will only ever accept male perpetrators on courses and there is absolutely zero help for the hundreds of thousands of female perpetrators out there, nothing is done to combat their behaviour.

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