NHS payout for family of father-of-three who threw himself in front of a train after GP receptionists failed to pass on his calls for help THREE TIMES

When we read stories like this, we shouldn’t be surprised that for every woman who commits suicide in the UK, three men do:


From the article:

The family of a man who threw himself in  front of a train after making at least three unanswered calls to the mental health service have been awarded compensation by the NHS. Father-of-three Peter Bane, 48, was being treated for occasional bouts of depression.

Two weeks before his death, Mr Bane, a road  safety engineer, rang his GP’s surgery three times to say he was considering  taking his own life. But his calls for help went unanswered as  each time receptionists failed to pass the message on to the mental health  services.

Is it conceivable that the receptionists – presumably women, as always – might have failed to pass on messages from a woman in the same position? No. So another man died needlessly at the hands of the feminised NHS – a social engineering scheme for women generally with poorer work ethics than their male colleagues – which treats men as second-class citizens. Who’ll ultimately finance the NHS payout to this poor man’s widow and children? Largely men, who pay 72% of the income tax collected in the UK.

As with so many other areas men pay a damned sight more into the system, and get a damned sight less out of it.

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