‘Childhood has been rewired’: Professor Jonathan Haidt on how smartphones are damaging a generation

An excellent piece by Frasey Nelson, editor of The Spectator.

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One thought on “‘Childhood has been rewired’: Professor Jonathan Haidt on how smartphones are damaging a generation

  1. Well it seems this will be a diminishing problem as the number of children falls. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12713927/British-women-like-one-child-cost-affordability-care-overpopulation-study.html
    No surprise in the stats. But as is usual we know nothing of what men want (you know the bods who have sperm) because no one bothers to ask them. And in the short article is the muddled logic of feminism. The Fawcett Soc. Both advocating work for women, while pointing out that the period of “motherhood” is short. Yet of course claiming “women” in general should benefit from privileges designed for mothers and denying that fathers (clue the Male of the species ) have any role or benefit. So we are left with one “solution” apparently, more childcare. Of course forgetting which sex is doing all the paid caring and therefore will find it hard to afford children themselves! And so we’ll go round in circles. With the Male of the species very definitely left well out of the circle, even though it’s their work that funds families and the systems of childcare and welfare, oh and its they who still provide half the making babies stuff too.
    We could be really radical and bother to even think of “couples” as we used to, when no one thought it was possible to create a family all on your own.

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