Jerusalem Post: Should Jewish males be circumcised?

Just published. I’ve posted these comments.

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2 thoughts on “Jerusalem Post: Should Jewish males be circumcised?

  1. Thanks Groan. Under the law of England and Wales culture and religion give no exemption, it didn’t need the FGM acts in the 1980s to bring that in. In case of MGM – illegal (as was FGM) under OAPA1861 – those considerations are simply ignored.

  2. Certainly in Scandinavia and Germany attempts to ban circumcision of infants have all been stymied by the “anti semitism” charge with a dollop of Islamophobia added in. It is hopeful if “the tide is turning” in Israel because until the Jewish community change their stance it’s pretty clear no western legislator bodies will pass laws to end MGM. Of course the contrast with FGM is stark where laws have been passed explicitly stating that cultural or religious traditions are regarded as worthless. The difference is of course that FGM is practiced in a few African cultures, which have little political clout.

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