Mary Harrington: “Why we sacrifice young girls”

An interesting piece just published by Unherd. Mary Harrington is a feminist and contributing editor. I’ve posted the following comments:

In destroying the nuclear family, and ensuring family courts deny fathers access to their children after family breakdowns through false allegations of abuse and/or violence, feminists removed the greatest protector any girl or boy had – their biological father.

It would be good to see Mary Harrington and other feminists recognise this blindingly obvious reality, apologise publicly, and start making amends.

Mike Buchanan

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One thought on “Mary Harrington: “Why we sacrifice young girls”

  1. A rather confused article given the tiny number of such marriages in the US (a couple of thousand in a population of c. 350 million) and its banning in the UK. She sort of says feminists skirt round the issues (like their silence on grooming gangs) but doesn’t acknowledge the role of feminism advocating for sexual liberation and the destruction of traditional values and family structures. And of course denying biology any role in “gender”. The resultant incoherence has actually resulted in feminists both advocating the weakness and fragility of girls and women while denying that they’re weak and fragile. And advocating for the total responsibility of males practically from infancy to death for all interactions with females (after all women are under no obligation to get a “yes means yes” from men). While declaring that such a one sided expectation that boys and men are responsible for complete and safe management of heterosexual relationships and females just their witless dupes) is misogyny! Second as she mentions Greer’s “Female Eunuch” the point of which was to break down all traditional social structures to create a sexual free-for-all that would usher in some Marxist paradise!

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