Pearl Davis: “I Debated Piers Morgan On Russell Brand”

Enjoy (video, 7:10).

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2 thoughts on “Pearl Davis: “I Debated Piers Morgan On Russell Brand”

  1. Pearl is a gem of common sense. Brand became famous, and the darling of the media luvvies precisely because he was a libertine. All edgy and exciting as well as right on. His material was all about him and his “crazy life”. Like the ultimate “bad boy”. So I’m sure it’s easy peasy to trawl his books, writings interviews and stand up. To find lots of quotes about sex and drugs and rock and roll. None of it was remotely secret. Now of course it’s all about “consent” something impossible to verify so long after the supposed “crime”, the accusations I’ve seen all are between 20 and ten years old. So why now ? Now he’s no where near as famous, no where near as edgy, now he’s apparently settled with a family? Something odd about the whole thing. And this is from someone who hated him during his media fame precisely because he was the poster boy for self absorbed hedonism and promiscuity, the “sexual revolution, sexual liberation personified. Had he recently upset some feminists or blundered into the Trans vs. TERF wars?

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