Lauren James: England star lost her emotions for red card, says Sarina Wiegman. Another tale of female unaccountability.

Just published.  I hate to inflict upon you a story from the most boring sport in the history of the world – women’s soccer – but this is interesting, a case study in female unaccountability. Extracts from the BBC piece:

Lauren James “lost her emotions” when she was sent off during England’s win over Nigeria in the Women’s World Cup last 16, said manager Sarina Wiegman.

Chelsea forward James, who has three goals and three assists in Australia, was sent off following a VAR review for stamping on Michelle Alozie’s back in the 87th minute.

The game ended 0-0 with the Lionesses winning 4-2 on penalties.

“It’s a huge lesson for her to learn,” said a supportive Wiegman.

“She would never want to hurt someone. She is the sweetest person I know. It was late in the game so players get a little tired.

“She is inexperienced on this stage and in a split-second lost her emotions. It isn’t something she did on purpose. She apologised and felt really bad.”

Let’s get this straight:

  • she stamped on the back of a Nigerian player, but didn’t do it on purpose, as she “lost her emotions”
  • she’d never want to hurt someone, [J4MB: Then perhaps she should cease walking on other players’ backs?] says her manageress who considers her “the sweetest person I know” [J4MB: Maybe Ms Wiegman should expand her pool of acquaintances?]

Another extract:

Right-back Lucy Bronze, who has taken the Chelsea player under her wing, told BBC Sport: “As soon as the game finished I went straight in to see her. She’s a little bit upset. I think it’s just frustration.

“She’s a young player {J4MB: She’s 21] and not one person thinks anything bad about LJ…

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3 thoughts on “Lauren James: England star lost her emotions for red card, says Sarina Wiegman. Another tale of female unaccountability.

  1. “The most boring sport in the history of the world.”
    That’s unfair, Mike. The world tiddlywinks championships are slightly more boring.
    Yes, there is such a thing !

  2. Of course a Male player wouldn’t be excused by his “emotions”. It’s not that males don’t have emotions it’s that they are, rightly, expected to keep them in check.

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