Special Snowflake and Equimundo

Our thanks to Jeff for alerting us to the existence of Equimundo. The start of the “About” page:

Equimundo: Center for Masculinities and Social Justice has worked internationally and in the US since 2011 to engage men and boys as allies in gender equality, promote healthy manhood, and prevent violence.

Some idiocy from the page Our Core Values and Beliefs:

  • Relational nature of gender: We believe that questioning patriarchy – and finding shared and mutual interest in overcoming it – means working with women and girls, with men and boys, and with individuals of all gender identities, as allies and partners. We view patriarchy as creating and sustaining power inequalities by men collectively over women (including cis and trans women), as well as gender-nonconforming individuals, and by some groups of men over other marginalized men, and as a social force that keeps all individuals from having the connected, fulfilled, and peaceful lives they deserve. We view gender power and gender norms as constructed in relationships among individuals and reinforced by societies and structures, and we strive to work in ways that overcome the gender binary and achieve equality.

It should surprise nobody following this website that Lying Feminist of the Month awards winner Laura Bates (Special Snowflake) is a board member.

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3 thoughts on “Special Snowflake and Equimundo

  1. “Transforming masculinities”. This seems to be a recurring expertise focus appearing on so many board members’ cv pages… because “masculinities” are, of course, intrinsically flawed, bad, evil.
    Whereas “femininity” is endemically good. Right?
    They ought to be sued for discrimination and defamation just for purporting such language on their website. “Transforming masculinities”.
    I have no words.

  2. ‘Engage men and boys as allies in gender equality’.
    Translated, ‘Coerce and brainwash men and boys into cucks and simps’.

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