Barbie and the Patriarchy: Mike Bell and Charlotte Proudman, BBC radio

Our thanks to Andy for pointing us to this (audio, 53:40), an episode of the BBC radio programme AntiSocial with Adam Fleming broadcast earlier today. The BBC description:

What is ‘the patriarchy’ and does it still exist in the UK today?

The Barbie movie’s portrayal of the patriarchy and a world in which men have all the positions of power has triggered debate on social media around whether the UK is a patriarchal society.

According to Barbie’s friend Ken, patriarchy is when “men on horses run everything”. According to history, Marxist scholars first described the patriarchy as a system that favoured men over women and characterised it as integral part of the capitalist system.

Years later, in the 1970s, it became a focal point for feminist activists who campaigned for equal rights and representation for women. In Britain today, though, when many of the laws that gave more power to men have been overturned, is there still a system in place that gives men more power than women? Is the word useful?

We explain the history of the phrase and fact-check the ways in which people across the debate measure gender equality.

The odious Toxic Feminist of the Month barrister and feminist automaton Charlotte Proudman was given ridiculously more time to talk than Mike Bell of Equi-Law, and a feminist Cambrige professor, Lucy Delap, was thrown in for good measure. Long story short, the usual BBC feminist bias.

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