Julie Bindel: Why is anyone still defending Onlyfans?

Julie Bindel just re-posted a piece from 2021, here.  I’ve posted some comments (below) and invite you to post your own.

Julie, in 2020 Elizabeth Hobson, 33, (party leader at the time) and I interviewed a delightful and hilarious 40-something OnlyFans lady, “Miss Matthews”. She provided the title for the video, “My 25 Wonderful Years as a Sex Worker”:

She utterly refuted feminist narratives on sex work, telling us that in 25 years as a sex worker she’d encountered a huge number of others, not one of whom fitted the pimped stereotype you and other radfems pump out relentlessly.

In the immortal words of Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon, an academic and author of the book “The Price of Sex”, in a discussion on BBC Newsnight in 2014, “It’s only sex, it’s only money”. The video:

Julie, here’s an idea. Straight men and women in the West don’t tell gay men and lesbians how to conduct their sex lives. How about radical feminists – especially the lesbians, including yourself – reciprocate and butt out of telling straight men and women how to conduct THEIR sex lives? Thank you.

Mike Buchanan


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One thought on “Julie Bindel: Why is anyone still defending Onlyfans?

  1. I liked your last comment. It is funny how the primacy of “lived experience” is never applied to men. Particularly feminists seem to be able to endlessly pontificate on how men are without anyone querying how on earth they’d know about any man’s “lived experience”, given their oft repeated insistence on the unquestioned veracity of their lived experience “as a woman”. As you say how would a lesbian woman know anything about a heterosexual man? Particularly as from my observation feminists in general seem to take great care not to ask any heterosexual men anything.

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