Alyson Rudd: Time to accept Wimbledon’s women’s matches are superior to the men’s

Our thanks to Jeff for this piece in yesterday’s Times. He writes:

This woman doesn’t live on planet Earth, Mike.

Quite so. An extract:

It does not matter that the women play the best of three sets and yet earn the same amount of prize money. [J4MB: It DOES matter, women’s tennis is a parasite on the men’s game, as is the case with all sports in which both sexes compete only with the same sex.] It does not matter that their serves are not usually as fast… [J4MB: It DOES matter, because speed of play creates excitement in tennis and other sports, and women’s serves are NEVER as fast as men’s serves.]

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2 thoughts on “Alyson Rudd: Time to accept Wimbledon’s women’s matches are superior to the men’s

  1. Well I’m quite happy to let “the market” decide these things. Fortunately the “trans” debates have made it pretty clear that the reason for sex discrimination in sport is because women would never win anything if sports were mixed. However the “womens” events in any sport may attract bigger audiences and so be “better” as entertainment. If so that’s fine.
    But of course this is not what this is actually about. I noted that in just out ” report” on Women’s football one key recommendation is to “direct money from the men’s game” to fund much higher pay and increasing numbers of female players as “professional”. Not of course taking the course of the men’s game and developing the audience over many decades to the current position of an immense industry from innumerable “leagues” from fully amateur local teams to billion dollar international businesses with global reach. If the “sistas” really do want to do it for themselves they should just get on with it.

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