Gender versus sex – a simple guide from the WHO

Our thanks to Mike P for this piece by David Craig for TCW.

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3 thoughts on “Gender versus sex – a simple guide from the WHO

  1. I’m not sure about “respected” the WHO was conspicuously wrong about almost everything early in the Covid Pandemic. Its interesting how it it is contradictory too. For having announced women and girls suffer from health inequalities, based on sex it then later goes on to list the ways “gender” means men and boys in fact sufferer health inequalities! The latter actually making a little more sense given the often quite large gap in life expectancy between the sexes. In the middle we trundle around “violence” by which they mean domestic and sexual assaults (which as we know can include “unwanted compliments” or “looking” here in the west). Which of course largely ignores the huge general drivers of violence around the globe, drugs, abject poverty, competition for scarce resources, social upheavals, revolutions and guerrilla and actual Wars. One can’t help wondering if the representatives from the world outside the “west” mutter “first world problems” when presented with such guff.

  2. When ‘respected’ organisations corrupt the definitions of everything, I think it’s all over. Like the dictionary definitions of ‘feminism’ and ‘sexism’, it’s the go-to place for so many people, particularly young people. Depressing !

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