Comedy gold: European Athletics Team Championships – Shot putter Jolien Boumkwo runs 100m hurdles

Our thanks to the BBC for this gem. Keep your eye on Boumkwo in the far lane, she’s visible until the 20-second mark. She ran the distance in 32:81 (her season’s best), the other seven women managed the distance in under 14 seconds.

I was reminded of the US women’s soccer team who recently visited the UK and played against some (non-professional) men’s teams and lost 14-0 in 40 minutes to one team, before the referee brought the farce to an early close. Some land whales in the crowd chanted, “Equal pay for equal work”. You couldn’t make it up.

Speaking to the media afterwards, the US team’s captain – you know, the blue-haired lesbian – wittered on about how the experience proved how brave her players were. No, toots, it proved how hopeless women are at soccer compared with men, and once again proved they’ll reliably get slaughtered whenever they take on men, whether individually or in teams.

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