Lying Feminists of the Month

[Note added 29.11.16: We haven’t been regularly presenting ‘Feminist of the Month’ awards since April 2016, because people now fully understand that feminists are whiny, gormless, toxic liars. We shall in future present awards on an ad-hoc basis.]

Lying is a key tactic employed by feminists. Even when exposed publicly as liars – by ourselves, and others – feminists never retract their lies, let alone apologise for having made them.

These awards were originally titled, ‘Lying Women of the Month’. Following the realisation that the lying women were invariably feminists, from July 2014 onwards we’ve presented ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards. The awards in reverse chronological order:

January 2017: Harriet Harman MP

November 2016: Paula Sherriff MP

March 2016: Marianne Hester Professor of Gender, Violence & International Policy, Bristol University

February 2016: Sophie Walker Leader, Women’s Equality Party. She also won this award in November 2015

January 2016: Elaine Snaith Chief Executive, office of Vera Baird QC (Police & Crime Commissioner, Northumbria, January 2016 Toxic Feminist of the Month)

December 2015: Jane Humphries Professor of Economic History, University of Oxford

November 2015: Sophie Walker Leader, Women’s Equality Party

October 2015: Samantha Beckett Director General, Economics & Markets (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)

September 2015: Anne Longfield Children’s Commissioner for England

August 2015: Ann Francke CEO of the Chartered Management Institute.

July 2015: Sandi Toksvig Lesbian ‘comedienne’, Women’s Equality Party spokeswoman. She also won this award in May 2015.

June 2015: Emma Ritch Executive Director, Engender (a Scottish radical feminist campaigning organisation, 88.6% funded by Scottish taxpayers – mostly men).

May 2015: Sandi Toksvig Lesbian ‘comedienne’, Women’s Equality Party spokeswoman.

April 2015: Melanie Jeffs Manager, Nottingham Women’s Centre.

March 2015: Gloria De Piero MP Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. She also won this award in July 2014.

February 2015: Kate Smurthwaite Feminist ‘comedienne’.

January 2015: Caroline Criado-Perez Whine merchant who’s won this award three times in the past eight months.

December 2014: Roweena Russell North East Feminist Gathering.

November 2014: Laura Bates Whine merchant. She also won this award in September 2014.

October 2014: Caroline Criado-Perez Whine merchant, the genius behind the ‘women on banknotes’ campaign. She also won this award in May 2014.

September 2014: Laura Bates Whine merchant.

A week after we presented Ms Bates – ‘Special Snowflake’ – with this award, and emailed her to notify her of the matter, she was on a televised debate being broadcast live by the BBC. She repeated the lie (that over two women a week in the UK are killed by partners or ex-partners) and when reminded of our challenge by an audience member, Owen Davies, a student, she repeated it againhere. The proof that her claim is a lie is here.

August 2014: Roz Hardie CEO of OBJECT, a feminist campaign organisation.

July 2014: Gloria De Piero MP Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities.

June 2014: Franki Hackett Women’s Aid spokeswoman. She won the award for making at least seven demonstrably false claims and/or misleading statements during an online discussion with Glen Poole. We publicly challenged Polly Neate (CEO, Women’s Aid) to retract the claims, and she contemptuously declined to do so. A link to the recording, our public challenge, and Ms Neate’s response to it, is here.

May 2014: Caroline Criado-Perez. Whine merchant.

April 2014: Teresa Hughes.

March 2014: Kat Banyard Whine merchant. Her award certificate has a link to the Channel 4 News interview for which she won the award.

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