Gormless Feminists of the Month

[Note added 29.11.16: We haven’t been regularly presenting ‘Feminist of the Month’ awards since April 2016, because people now fully understand that feminists are whiny, gormless, toxic liars. We shall in future present awards on an ad-hoc basis.]

Being gormless is a defining characteristic of feminists, along with being liars, and being whiners. Each characteristic has its own monthly award.

We’ve been presenting Gormless Feminist of the Month awards since April 2014. The first was presented not to a single feminist, but to a whole coven of them – those working at the Fawcett Society. More recent awards, in reverse chronological order:

April 2016: Emma Thompson Actress

March 2016: Caroline Criado-Perez The personification of gormlessness

February 2016: Dr Rainbow Murray Reader in Politics, Queen Mary University of London

January 2016: Caitlin Moran Columnist, author. 40 years of age, her Twitter descriptor starts, ‘Writing the fuck out of shit since 1992’.

December 2015: Louise Detain Feminist reinforces the point that an average of two women a week in the UK are NOT killed by partners or ex-partners

November 2015: 191 academics, students, and alumni, at York University … who co-signed an open letter seeking to bully the university authorities into not recognising International Men’s Day, and succeeded

October 2015: Francesca Lagerberg Global Leader – Tax Services, Grant Thornton International

September 2015: Kiran Gandhi Harvard MBA graduate

August 2015: Ghislaine Boddington Creative Director, body>data>space

July 2015: Jessica Valenti Guardian ‘journalist’. She also won this award in August 2014.

May 2015: Professor Kirstein Rummery Co-director of the Centre for Gender & Feminist Studies, Stirling University

April 2015: Joanne Ratcliffe Partnership Development Manager, Nottingham Women’s Centre

March 2015: Kate Stevenson Contributor to the ‘Shout Out’ website

February 2015: Natalie Collins Silly feminist

January 2015: Stephanie Laughlin Public Relations student, McGill University, Montreal

December 2014: Scarlet Harris Women’s Equality Policy Officer, TUC

November 2014: Jo Swinson MP Junior Equalities Minister

October 2014: Laura Bates’s apologists

September 2014: The ‘Mancheeze’ blogger

August 2014: Jessica Valenti Guardian ‘journalist’

July 2014: Yvette Cooper MP Shadow Home Secretary

June 2014: Eva Wiseman Observer columnist

May 2014: ‘Clean Break’ theatre company

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