Joanne Ratcliffe – Gormless Feminist of the Month

It’s always pleasing when feminists effectively nominate themselves for our awards, especially in the run-up to the general election, when we’re so busy. So I thank Joanne Ratcliffe, Partnership Development Manager of the Nottingham Women’s Centre, for emailing me around midday today. I replied with a query about what seemed to be a typing error, but she hasn’t responded. Her award certificate is here.

5 thoughts on “Joanne Ratcliffe – Gormless Feminist of the Month

  1. I’d love to see some prosecutions for this ‘2 women a week . . .etc’ hate-speech (for that is what it surely is), but instead they get funding from the public purse. Just like the infamous Fawcett society.

  2. A fine opening gambit there. The letters S and P are located on opposite sides of a UK computer keyboard, so was this an actual typo or something subconscious? Nice threat of violence, too. What an incredibly stupid bigot.

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