Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) responds to Cambridge University feminists seeking to deny J4MB a platform on 24 May

Followers of this blog will need no introduction to Karen Straughan, a Canadian anti-feminist Men’s Rights Activist (MRA), and a legend in the Men’s Right Movement (MRM). But this site has a steady stream of visitors who know little or nothing about the MRM – many of them students from Camberidge University, currently – so some background is in order.

For almost a decade, Karen has been among the most gifted and influential communicators in the MRM, of either sex. She started vlogging in 2010, under the pseudonym “GirlWritesWhat”. She was later doxxed, and has since published and operated under her real name. Her YouTube channel has 217,000+ subscribers.

Karen has spoken at every International Conference on Men’s Issues since the first in Detroit, in 2014. At the last London conference, last July, she was the keynote speaker. Her talk was Why women must consign feminism to the dustbin of history (video, 56:42, includes a lengthy Q&A).

Karen is also one of the two key organizers of the forthcoming Chicago conference (the other is another Canadian anti-feminist MRA, Alison Tieman).

So, why am I writing about this amazing woman just now? This morning we posted a piece in relation to the second hit piece on J4MB printed by Varsity, the student newspaper. It was titled, “J4MB should not be legitimised under the guise of free speech”. Karen posted some lengthy comments (below), not knowing that Varsity doesn’t publish comments – at least, it hasn’t published comments in relation to the two pieces attacking J4MB – so we thought we’d publish her comments here. Our thanks to Karen for taking the time to write what she did.

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