Help us try to stop the circumcision of a 12-year-old boy in Coventry today (Saturday)

Our thanks to John for informing us of the plight of a 12-year-old boy who doesn’t wish to be circumcised, but is being taken to the QC clinic in Coventry for the procedure to take place at 1:00 pm today. We know of this from three Reddit posts:

17 days ago – here
10 hours ago – here
9 hours ago – here

The organization carrying out operations is the QC Clinic, which operates in Coventry and Sheffield. We’ve archived a number of pages from their website:

Home page
About us (with details of Dr Altaf Mangera)
Our services
Prices and Bookings
Locations which includes this:


Clinic Address: City of Coventry NHS Healthcare Centre, Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry CV1 4FS.

Pay and display parking on the premises is available. Pay and display street parking is also available and it is cheaper.

We are on the ground floor of the building. Please follow signs for “Phlebotomy”/Blood Test, the “Phlebotomy”/Blood Test waiting area is where you will find our friendly receptionist. Upon arrival please report to our receptionist.

Please report to reception 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Contact us which shows the Coventry ‘clinic’ being open between 9am and 3pm today. I’ve just posted the following through this online form:

Illegal male circumcision
I lead the political party Justice for Men & Boys Non-therapeutic circumcision is illegal under the Offences Against the Person Act (1861), being at least Actual Bodily Harm, and possibly Grievous Bodily Harm. I shall be travelling to your clinic in Coventry today in a bid to stop the circumcision of a 12-year-old boy who has claimed on Reddit that he is to be circumcised at 1pm today without his consent.

Mike Buchanan
07967 026163

If you can, please join Patrick Smyth and myself in our bid to stop this circumcision. We plan to arrive at the clinic well before 12:00, and will be bringing placards and leaflets, as well as wearing a bodycam. I’ll also do what I can to alert the local media in Coventry. Please call me (07967 026163) if you’ll be joining us. Thanks.

If everyone who read this gave us just £1 – or even better, £1 monthly – we could change the world. Click here to make a difference. Thanks.

20 thoughts on “Help us try to stop the circumcision of a 12-year-old boy in Coventry today (Saturday)

  1. I have no doubt that these people would be carving up little girls too, if they thought they could get away with it. Completely amoral.

  2. Indeed, the Qur’an nowhere mentions circumcision, but it does warn that Satan will try and trick us into altering Allah’s perfect creation.

  3. Consent, really? Can a baby give consent? And your clinic is patient centered? I’m pretty sure that the babies whom you chop off part of the penis wouldn’t agree. And you could say that about female circumcision too: it would be safer to do it in an hospital. But isn’t it better to not do it at all, unless it’s absolutely needed or the person who is being circumcised is able to give consent?

  4. The NSPCC don’t give a damn. Numerous attempts to get them to take up this issue have got nowhere.

  5. Out of interest, what are the official positions of Childline and the NSPCC on MGM and why are they not campaigning to end this abominable practice?

  6. Circumcision can be used to treat Phimosis, but otherwise how is it beneficial?
    I don’t see why circumcision should be allowed for cosmetic reasons any more than FGM should be.

    If men and women want their genitals mutilated then by all means it should be available to them privately, and only when they are 18 or over so they can make an educated, independent choice – without pressure from their family.

  7. Circumcisions are performed in hospitals all over the country for health reasons and many hospitals in the country perform circumcisions for cosmetic reasons. There are many civilised countries that have a large male circumcised population, for instance America (which boasts the most advanced medical research and medical facilities in the world) has an 80% male circumcised population. Our clinic is very well run we ensure best practice, everyone is consulted especially the patient. There are many long term health benefits that outweigh the disadvantages of getting circumcisions done. If our clinics that are professionally run and work with all the authorities close down then we will be replaced by backstreet circumcision places, and only then will we be well within our rights to discuss circumcision and mutilation in the same sentence. So please, if you are truly concerned then think of the bigger picture people. Any protests are pointless as circumcisions are perfectly legal as long as they are performed by professionals, consulted and consented for.

    Our clinic were the ones who in fact informed the police and child protection agencies (they were none the wiser) about a possible boy of 12 fearing circumcision, while you were too busy stiring up hate without knowing the facts, we were instead acting responsibly. The police initially thought there was a child of that description on our patient list but after contacting our bookings department they realised this patient wasn’t on our list. We work very closely with all the authorities, and they are more than happy with the best practices and measures we take to ensure child safety. Our clinic is the most professional and patient centred clinic in the UK, we work with only NHS staff. We have qualified therapists and nurses on site. We do consent children and speak to them separately from their parents or family members just to make sure there’s no force or pressure.

    If you are well and truly concerned for male justice you should be protesting against back street clinics and that don’t have all these measures and best practices in place. Thank you for your time and apologies for all this misunderstanding.

  8. Thanks, but the BMA guidelines are utterly irrelevant, they are written on the basis that the the police / CPS are reluctant to bring prosecutions, and utterly ignore the legal position. Hopefully their ethical review on MGM will come out strongly against the practice.

  9. Precisely. There is conflicting case law on this. On the one hand the Spanner case ruling showed that one can not consent to wounding or actual bodily harm at any age, on the other hand the BMA guidlines state that if a child is able to express a preference than that has primacy. I would argue that a 12yr old can not possibly give informed consent to circumcision because he will not be able to evaluate the complex risks, and as presumably sexually inactive (or at least very inexperienced) can not understand what he will be losing.

  10. Apparently whatever they have in the UK that passes for Child Protective Services either doesn’t have enough power to stop this Mulitation of a child or just doesn’t give a F**k. What a way to go UK we (in the USA) all thought you were far more enlightened than this. Unfortunately we were wrong

  11. It’s a pity that in all the advice given on Reddit to this 12 year old child, the two most important contact points have been missed.

    #Childline 0500 1111

    #NSPCC 0808 800 5000

    #The NSPCC are now aware and action is in progress!

    The Circumcision IS CANCELED as at 09.00am (GMT) Saturday 19 Aug 2017.

    >Circumcision cancelled. Spoke to the guy he said he won’t do it. Call of the protest, please, it’ll make everyone’s situation worse. Thanks

  12. Just seen this. Possibly too late to help or teaching “to suck eggs” but a child of 12 is likely to considered in law to be able to give informed consent to such a “simple” procedure. This means that parents (or anyone else) cannot have overridden the child’s decision unless the procedure is too complex for the young person to understand or it is life threatening. The law is frequently ignored on this on a, wrong, presumption that any and all “consents” are the same and that parents have “rights” (for instance the age if criminal responsibility is 10 the law is full of variable ages for responsibilities and consent is specifically related to the “capacity” which varies over age and complexity).
    So put simply the child’s case can be referred as a child protection issue.
    I hope you had success.

  13. You can imagine the uproar if this were to happen to a twelve year old girl against her will. Perhaps the only thing which could stop these butchers is the threat of court action or mass demonstrations and publicity.

  14. This is a wonderful gesture and all at incredibly short notice. Real activism making a tangiable difference to young people’s lives.

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