MGM appointment in Coventry cancelled

Patrick Smyth in Coventry

Following my blog post on the scheduled circumcision of a 12-year-old boy in Coventry today, I had an email exchange with the clinic. The appointment for the circumcision was cancelled, and we had plenty of contact with the police. Three police cars were stationed outside the clinic when we arrived.

However, the appointment cancellation isn’t the end of the matter, because we expect the appointment to be re-scheduled. There are a number of details in this story which I think it unwise to divulge at this stage, for the sake of the boy.

We wore bodycams throughout our three-hour protest (from midday to 3pm, when the clinic closed for the day) and handed out hundreds of leaflets to passers-by. We also had dozens of interesting discussions with passers-by, mainly Muslim. We wore bodycams, and took six hours of video footage between us. Some footage may appear on our YouTube channel in due course.

My thanks to Patrick for driving from Cambridge to my home town of Bedford, to collect me en route to Coventry. He must surely be the most dedicated anti-MGM campaigner in the country.

We’ll post more on this story as and when we’re able to, without compromising the boy’s safety.

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5 thoughts on “MGM appointment in Coventry cancelled

  1. Now we could be beginning to hit our stride.

    Websites, articles, leaflets and letters to the papers are all very well and good, and a necessary part of the fight.
    But nothing speaks louder than actions.

    I can see this becoming a logical next major move for MRAs in general, albeit as far as J4MB goes, consistent with being a genuine political party.

  2. oh that is smashing to hear Mike( not the circumstances i mean), I feared you had been taken for a ride.

    Given that the reddit thread in question has a few disparaging remarks about the issue( basically people refuting the idea of MGM) I’m glad to show them up.

    I look forward to an eventual article about this whole affair( time permitting).

    Once again well done to the MGM protest team for championing for this boy.

  3. I met with the policewoman who has met the boy and the family. She expects the appointment to be re-scheduled.

  4. It appears that the reddit crowd thinks this 12 year old boy is an adult troll posing as a 12 year old…

    So .. would appreciate some clarification mike when it is (currently ) all over.

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