How Victoria Gayle hid her dead son for over a decade

Our thanks to Stu for this. Excerpts:

When Kyzer Gayle died in 2005 he was little over a year old. But it would be 10 years before the authorities knew about his death and longer still before they discovered what had happened to the boy from north London…

During contact with Gayle, some official agencies did ask about her son’s whereabouts. She told them the boy’s father was a member of the traveller community and had taken responsibility for Kyzer at a young age. The claim appears to have been accepted and no-one ever sought out the boy…

At Kingston Crown Court last December, Victoria Gayle pleaded guilty to preventing Kyzer’s lawful burial. She denied charges of perjury and perverting the course of justice, which have been left to lie on file [Why?]. She has been sentenced to 21 months in prison with the judge criticising Gayle’s “web of lies” and saying the the full truth of her son’s “sad and short life” will never be known…

Jon Brown, from children’s charity the NSPCC, says he finds it “deeply disturbing” that a child can “go missing for a decade”. He told the BBC there were “a number of significant and important questions that are going to need to be addressed by the serious case review and by the IPCC investigation”.

Pen Mehmet, Gayle’s former neighbour, agrees and says she is angry and bewildered that Kyzer’s death could go unnoticed for so long. “I think it’s absolutely disgusting because this child’s been missing and nobody knew.

“How can nobody know? I don’t understand, how can nobody know?”

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  • Rick Bradford

    All the authorities will pretend that this case is unique. It is not. Here’s a case like it: Serious Case Review from November 2013, Bradford: Hamzah Khan, a 4-year-old boy, dead in December 2009 as a result of chronic neglect. Hamzah’s
    body was discovered by police during a search of the family home. The child had
    been dead for two years and this fact had been covered up. The mother was convicted of
    manslaughter and child cruelty in October 2013. The father had been subject to a non-molestation order the year before the child’s death (and so could have no contact with either mother or child). This was not the only example from my recent review of SCRs in which it would appear that the wrong parent had been considered by ‘the system’ to be the dangerous one.