Royal Navy torpedoes naked breasts: ‘Pin up’ posters of scantily clad women are banned after female recruits said they felt ‘intimidated’

Our thanks to William for this.

Special Snowflakes who are ‘intimidated’ by ‘posters of glamour models’ would surely be major liabilities in the event of military engagements. The solution to this non-problem is obvious:

Bar women from serving on ships and submarines.


The end of the article:

A Royal Navy spokesman said: ‘The Royal Navy makes sure that the work environment, whether ashore or at sea, is inclusive and appropriate and we’re proud to be recognised as a top 100 employer in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index 2017.’

That knowledge will make the admirals of foreign navies, hostile to the UK, think twice before attacking Royal Navy ships and submarines. Feminists are making a laughing stock of our Armed Forces.

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About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • JonadabTheRecobite

    We can’t have our weapons looking intimidating now can we?

    • Slowcoach

      No, indeed.
      I imagine that oppressed minority groups – gay, lesbian and transgender pin ups will still be able to have their pinups in order to avoid ‘discrimination’?

  • William Gruff

    Perhaps we’ll see Battleship Grey replaced with Mountbatten Pink.

    • Slowcoach

      Funnily enough William, there was a 1959 U.S.
      film, “Operation Petticoat”, in which a submarine WAS painted pink.
      Very loosely based on a small handful of facts and starring Cary Grant & Tony Curtis.
      It was, apparently, something of a box office hit taking 9.5 million dollars in 1960.

      Presented again 1977 as a TV series, chiefly notable for including Tony Curtis’s daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis.
      In the event of one feeling an overwhelming need to view it, it’s available on Youtube.
      All Irrelevant I know, but I Just thought I’d mention it…

      • William Gruff

        I’ve seen the film and enjoyed it, long ago. My father, who served in corvettes and had some tales to tell about Wrens, thought it hysterically funny.

        Mountbatten Pink was an official Admiralty colour applied to convoy escorts operating in certain parts of the Atlantic in the early 1940s. If I recall correctly the theory was that the colour might render the ships less obvious on the horizon at dawn and dusk.

  • Slowcoach

    As Wimminz officer of the Union of Progressive Youth workeRS, (UPYOURS)
    I protest at this ‘torpedo’ reference to the patriarchal oppression weapons which make Royal Navy vessels an unsafe space for wimminz, and that assault One In Three female ratings, and murder fully % 70 of cohabiting ship mates EACH WEEK.

    Along with such traditional sexist nautical insults such as “A vast behind” and “Splice the mainbrace” (a reference to fgm) and also on account of ALL men (who are just defective mirmaidz) being tor-paedophiles anyway.

    • The entire torpedo refererence is far too phallic and frightening for fragile women in submarines. Clearly, all torpedoes should be removed from submarines to avoid offending the women who work in them.

    • hedgemagnet

      I’m sure I’ve read two worryingly serious comments in the Graun’s CiF (no surprises there…) One was a genuine complaint from a scientifically-challenged individual about there being a patrirchal conspiracy to make missiles phallic-looking, and the other was a discussion about ‘Ultimate Gym Bunny’ (or Ultimate Hell Week or whatever it’s called): it was a demand that ordnance, ammunition, and weaponry in general should be made lighter so that women could carry or operate them more easily

  • Elizabeth Smith

    And when they get pregnant, as they do to avoid anything unpleasant or dangerous, it costs a fortune to casevac them home. Where they expect the full gamut of mothers’ rights rather than the dishonourable discharge they deserve.

    • DebbyReagan

      Oh, but there’s not a chance that they got pregnant because a horny, sexual frustration MAN just decided to take advantage of a woman that was close at hand and against her wishes, could it? And how dare you think that a woman can’t do such an unpleasant or dangerous job as fighting in a war! I’m a Marine and believe you me, I could kill a combatant/enemy just as much as the scared man next to me in a foxhole or bush in a jungle or sand dune in the desert can! I had the same training as he did, and am just as capable. But what do I expect from a woman who wasn’t trained in military instruction and have to deal with cavemen attitudes toward women? Apparently by your post, absolutely nothing! Until you walk a mile in my military boots sister…keep your belittling thoughts to yourself! Remember, there are MANY like me out there, and some day you just might meet us in a dark alley, or a deserted road or empty parking lot late at night where YOU’RE vulnerable and possibly in need of our assistance and we just feel the need to let YOU be your own helping aid for yourself and walk on by your need, because after all, our considerable fighting training can’t assist you because we try to avoid the unpleasantness and dangerous situation that would put us in harm’s way in defending YOU!

      • Craig Martin

        So a woman is not responsible for getting pregnant, it’s the mans fault.


        I just wish life was as simple as you.

      • Lawrence Newman

        You haven’t killed anyone in your life. The only thing you’re killing is our brain cells with your relentless verbal flatulence.

      • William Gruff

        I’m a Marine and believe you me, I could kill a combatant/enemy just as much as the scared man next to me in a foxhole or bush in a jungle or sand dune in the desert can!

        I doubt that. I’ve never known a woman to do anything other than shrink from danger or dirt and leave difficult, dirty or dangerous jobs to men. I don’t doubt that if all you have to do is remotely control a drone, fire a missile or give an order from the rear, you ‘could’ kill thousands but I don’t think you’d climb out of that ‘foxhole’ under fire and move forward as your friends drop around you.

        Just out of interest, have you ever been in a ‘foxhole or bush in a jungle or sand dune in the desert’? If so, were you not scared? Men who’ve behaved courageously in the face of death and survived are never afraid to admit to having been frightened (that’s what courage is, overcoming fear). You make a point of describing your male comrade as scared, suggesting that you weren’t. Men who’ve been in danger know that those who claim not to have been afraid are either mad or liars. Which are you? It takes a man to admit to being weak and frightened. When you can do that you may just have some case to make for being a man’s equal. Until then you can never do anything a man can do, and certainly not better than he.

        Here’s a question for you. If you really are a marine, rather than some bloated and unattractive female Walter Mitty living in her father’s basement, you’ll be of child bearing age. Can you stay in that foxhole, bush or sand dune for as long as he can without collapsing from toxic shock?

      • Mike Buchanan

        So you’re a Marine and a Gnostic Wiccan?

        Have you not been taking your meds?

      • I will just separate out two statements you made here which seem to my poor male mind to contradict one another.

        On one hand, when wanting to blame men because a woman can’t keep her legs closed:
        “…take advantage of a woman that was close at hand and against her wishes…”
        and yet just two sentences later, when wanting to say how women are as capable as men in combat:
        “I’m a Marine and believe you me, I could kill a combatant/enemy just as much as the scared man next to me…”

        So which is it? Are military women poor little defenceless creatures who are raped by the hordes of men with their animalistic pent-up horniniess (as you wrote in another response) – OR – are military women combat-capable soldiers who can kick an attacker into falsetto?

        If they are defenceless, they shouldn’t be in the military. If they are capable, why are so many women getting pregnant as soon as they get into active service?

      • Rob


        OK I’ll bite

        full rank and designation please

        and your service station USMC ????

        I hope really are a Marine because impersonating a member of the armed forces carries some pretty bad consequences.

        … and I find it odd that you think you might be down some dark alley, deserted road, empty car park waiting for crime to strike, so you are either a vigilante or loitering with intent.

        Marines are usually a very disciplined bunch ( even very young American marines with so much gung ho) are still disciplined and will comport themselves in a public space( because of how its reflect upon their unit) and your mess of a response says no discipline.

        I have lost count of the number of times I have had to sit down with lawyers( from the States to OZ) and explain about the way you conduct yourself online and that ranting off in a public space( and especially with your name) will generally backfire and may result in either dismissal for poor conduct or unemployability .

        BTW – I put your name into the USMC directory and the computer says……no.

        so… over to you debby, do you want to backtrack on your claim?
        Please remember that when someone likes you makes such a claim and then puts out a rantm people on the net consider it to be bait and will search for you and call you out( no its not doxing, just helping you to make an even bigger fool of yourself)

      • Kronk

        “The computer says no”. Who could’ve imagined this? Just another feminist troll trying to keep their gravy train on the tracks.

  • log

    Quiet so, if women can’t cope with a mere photo on the wall, how will they quote with the real issues of combat? It is simply ridiculous and trivializing the military.

    • DebbyReagan

      It’s NOT the picture that invokes the problem, it’s the hostile environment from the men’s sexual attitude toward the women within the environment that comes from their “animalistic pent up sexual horniness” that comes from some of them that is! I am not saying that ALL men are like that, but a vast majority are…how do I know? I’m a Marine and experienced this “good old boy” network first hand. And believe me, I’m just as capable, if not more so, than most of the men, to do my job that I was trained to do. The issues of combat? Has nothing to do with men triviailizing the woman’s role there in the military by making her a sex object and panting after her because their minds are on sex instead of their job now, would it? The men’s actions are the ones trivializing the military with their lustful thoughts and actions towards the women there to do the SAME FRIGGIN job that they are, not the women’s reactions to the unwanted sexual actions from horny men!

      • Mike Buchanan

        A ‘vast majority of men’ exhibit ‘animalistic pent up horniness’ and ‘pant’ after women, having ‘lustful thoughts and actions’? In your fantasies, possibly. You should be so lucky. In the real world, no.

        Thank you for explaining better than I possibly could, why there should be no women on naval ships and submarines. They’re a liability to fighting men and themselves, and a fortune has to be spent accommodating them – around £5 million pounds per submarine, I understand – almost 75% of which comes from male taxpayers. Oh, and male unemployment has long been higher than female unemployment, so why the hell should there be positive discrimination for women (which there always is, whether overt or covert).


        I don’t see women campaigning for there to be more women in bomb disposal work. Hmm, now why might that be?

      • William Gruff

        I’m a Marine … ‘


        ‘ … I’m just as capable, if not more so, than most of the men, to do my job that I was trained to do.

        In your dreams. Your avatar suggests a weight problem that must preclude you from real active service, instead of the ‘on her backside in an office somewhere near a war zone but close enough to say “I was there” type’. What you actually are is a female Walter Mitty capable of little more than carrying those king-sized chips that sit on each of your shoulders and give you your sense of ‘balance’.

        If you reread your inarticulate drivel you’ll see that you’re effectively claiming that women who become pregnant in ‘the military’ are coerced into that position rather than choosing to do so in order to avoid a lengthy foreign posting or hazardous active service. They are not. Most of them are just slags who cannot keep their legs shut.

        That aside, your post is typical of the infantile projection we see from women who refuse to accept responsibility for their own inadequacies, it’s also disgustingly sexist. You know so little of men, despite your risible claim, that you imagine we think like you. Don’t assume that just because women think of sex all the time, and talk about little else, men do the same. We don’t. For us sex is as important as eating and while women typically discuss the next meal before they’ve finished eating the current one, men don’t think of food until we are hungry – we have better things than women to spend our time, energies and money on.

        If men in the US Marines are making overtures to their female comrades it is almost certain that those women have encouraged them to do so.

        Women have no place serving in the armed forces other than in segregated women’s arms. They certainly should not be encouraged to think or boast, absurdly, that they can do anything men can do, and probably better.

      • Kronk

        Damn that was good! You just can’t argue with facts can you? Unless you’re a feminist that is. ..

      • Craig Martin

        Women perfect.
        Men evil.

        Ok got it.

        Same ol’ same ‘ol

      • Lawrence Newman

        So you’re anti-male, because all straight men are horny on a daily basis. I know biological reality stings feminist snowflakes like acid, so I recommend you go and dunk your head in some very strong alkali solution. I recommend caustic soda.

      • Paul Jackson

        ‘I’m a marine…..’ Er, I think that you missed out the word ‘mammal’ there.

      • Do you think the hostile environment from the women’s sexual attitude toward the men within the environment that comes from their “animalistic pent up sexual horniness” that comes from the ‘vast majority’ of women is a problem, too?

      • Kronk

        As a blatant feminist, she would NOT be able to admit this and continue with her toxic narrative.

        Such is the insanity of these people and lets not forget, their ‘gravy-train’ gives then lots of perks they would not otherwise have if they had to work for them…

      • log

        Hi Debbie, I have no doubt that a large group of fit young men bursting with testosterone are a horny bunch. That testosterone is probably needed in combat and short of medicating men to suppress it, is not going to go away. It is the biological nature of men. The less aggressive lower testosterone men take up other careers than military service. I have no doubt you are highly capable perhaps more so than a number of your male colleagues, however the bottom line is I don’t think men and women work together well in this environment. I know equality means we should have equal opportunities blah blah but if biological differences get in the way we must be crazy to ignore them to follow the ideology that women should be everywhere that men are, particularly in the military? I know you will disagree with me on this. I mean no disrespect to you or your abilities and aspirations. (I am a woman by the way) .

  • DebbyReagan

    Ok…enough women bashing here. Yes, women get pregnant, God made it that way. But, we don’t need a DISHONORABLE discharge because it happens. The men are just as responsible for it happening. And let’s not talk about the “animalistic” behavior of some of the men who made it happen, shall we? And wow, don’t think that pictures/posters of scantily clad women just might have had some play/reason for this behavior towards the women there to do the same job as the men in FIGHTING a war, or doing her duty and didn’t want the pent up sexual attention of horny men!! And let’s not address the fact that it just might be negative work enviroment sexist atmosphere that might be the reason for the women’s uncomfortable feeling, especially if on ship, which is also her home for the duration! It’s just not the actual PICTURE that’s the problem, it’s the “good old HORNY boy network” attitude that it brings that is! And for your information…I’m a Marine who most likely could beat most of you men’s a$$e$ any day…and I don’t want to see that kind of $hit in my work enviroment either! No more than you’d want to see beef cake pictures there!

    • Mike Buchanan

      “OK… enough women bashing here.”

      Firstly, there is no ‘women bashing’ here, simply rational arguments about women in some branches of (and roles in) the military.

      Secondly, you appear to be suffering from the delusion that you will have some influence on what we post, and what comments we pass. Again, 10/10 for narcissism.

      The only reason I’ve passed your misandrous and nasty comments is that they make the perfect case for excluding women from naval ships and submarines. Thank you for your support.

    • William Gruff

      The men are just as responsible for it happening.

      How so?

      • Mike Buchanan

        It must be all that raping that goes on.

      • William Gruff

        My thoughts exactly. It’s her body and her right to choose. However, when her choices are politically inconvenient it’s his fault.

    • Lawrence Newman

      Every time I see coverage of real incidents involving prison officers, police officers and troops, I never ever see a woman working in these roles behaving competently. I just watched footage on British television of prison officers tackling dangerous prisoners to the ground. The officers doing the work were all men. The few female officers who were there and who only got the jobs to fulfil gender quotas, were lightly jogging behind all the male officers to the incident (some were so fat their legs were rubbing together) and when they got to the scrum of officers and prisoners, they either stood watching or made weird patting gestures toward the male officers as if they were saying, “Well done, good job, I’ll just stand here!”

      I’ve seen incidents in real life in my town where police officers have been questioning suspects. The suspect, on two occasions, ran off. The male officer was on the ball and gave chase. The female (two different ones on two different occasions) stood there like statues for a 15 second delay, then kind of skipped slowly across the road, then walked for a bit, then skipped, like they were pretending half-heartedly to do some work. A building opposite my apartment was the subject of a police raid. Every single officer who was doing something constructive and dangerous was male. The two female officers stood around twirling their hair.

      I’ve spoken to my father and every single one of his experiences of policewomen are the same. I have no reason to think female soldiers will be any different. This story about you being triggered by naked pictures of women who coincidentally happen to be 1000 times more attractive than you and actually resemble females, just backs up my ‘prejudices’.

      If you are traumatised by pictures of females above a man’s bed, you are not suitable for being on the battlefield. In fact, I know you’ve never engaged in proper combat in your entire ‘career’.

      I’m an out of shape fatso who has no training. Why do I feel 100% confident I could make you cry by simply slapping you? Every single time a woman has initiated violence against me, usually with a slap, I have immediately slapped her back with equal or less force. On every single occasion the woman has broken down in tears.

      • William Gruff

        Every time I see coverage of real incidents involving prison officers, police officers and troops, I never ever see a woman working in these roles behaving competently. I just watched footage on British television of prison officers tackling dangerous prisoners to the ground. The officers doing the work were all men. The few female officers who were there and who only got the jobs to fulfil gender quotas, were lightly jogging behind all the male officers to the incident … ‘

        Spot on and my experience too. Mike put up a post on just this issue in the last two or three days. All I’ve ever seen is women darting about at the back and then darting in and playing tough when the men have made the situation safe.

        Every single time a woman has initiated violence against me, usually with a slap, I have immediately slapped her back … ‘

        Same here. Always hit a woman back if she hits you first. She won’t do it again.

      • Lawrence Newman

        No, but she’ll try and use it against you later in the relationship, claiming you’re a woman beater. Miraculously they forget they slapped you first.

        I worked in a secure psychiatric ward for a short while. Whenever a patient kicked off , the women, including the old bitch of a boss, would be screaming for the men to come save the day. After the patient had been restrained and drugged, they’d be back to moaning about not being paid enough and saying the men were lazy in no time.

      • RPM

        But they will be at the front of the queue when there is a promotion in the offing, and get that promotion not on ability but quotas.

    • Lawrence Newman

      Is that you in your avatar?

      Call this an educated guess, but would I be right in saying that not one of your fellow soldiers has ever directed their horniness towards you? If so, how does that make you feel? Relieved and thankful, or angry?

      • William Gruff

        LOL. I’m sensing anger in her posts rather relief or gratitude. My late mother used to say of one of her sisters, ‘she never likes what she can’t have’.

    • Nick Earnshaw

      So you could beat most of us men but you are intimidated by a poster?

    • Kronk

      ‘Having a logic discussion with feminists is like playing chess with pigeons: no matter how good you are, the pigeon will continue to overthrow all the pieces on the board and will strut around triumphantly’.

      You, my ‘Big Bad Ass’ marine… are the pigeon!
      If you look at all the up-votes from the commenters who responded to your drivel it (should) become obvious that you are indeed deluded. The “good old HORNY boy network” as you call it can only exist if females spread their legs. Did you omit that on purpose? Yet in your sick and twisted world, only the men are at fault. Typical lying, toxic bitch-feminist!
      And lastly, you are a GOD DAMN LIAR when you say that ‘women can do the job the same as a man’. If that were true, there would not be drastically easier entrance tests for the females and certainly, if the marine next to you in the foxhole slapped your sorry lying ass (because YOU solicited him for sex) you could never reciprocate and expect to see tomorrow. You would be on your ass in a second!
      Starting to get the picture now or do you need to repeat basic training again…

  • Lawrence Newman
  • I am sure feminist organisations will be backing the ‘free the nipple’ campaign and telling the Royal Navy that these decisions are wrong.

    Will the Royal Navy also ban pin-ups of make models? If the follow the RAF’s ruling, sexy pictures of scantily-clad males is not pornographic, so nobody should find them offensive. It’s only women who can be pornographic because ‘equality’ .. or something.

  • RPM

    Got to say in the IDF ( Israeli Defence Force ) the women are truly equal. Everybody does national service, it’s imperative for the countries survival, and there is no room for any ego tripping females, they do their bit, don’t complain and certainly don’t get pregnant to avoid active service. National service for both sexes has been compulsory for over 70 years, what we have here is the feminist’s sounding off, a look at me I can do anything but gets upset at a poster, nothing but fakes.

    • Mike Buchanan

      Thanks RPM, but I very much doubt that if push came to shove, the IDF would put those women onto the front line. I can’t recall seeing female soldiers in the video footage I’ve seen over the years e.g. military incursions into the Gaza strip.