Sheffield University ‘safety wardens’ (contd.)

Yesterday we posted a piece about Sheffield University ‘safety wardens’ – here. Jim writes:

This is serious stuff.  It should not be casually dismissed as more silly feminist nonsense.  These complaints will be treated as allegations of domestic violence/ domestic abuse.  Under the 2014 Positive Action Policy of the police, under Home Office guidance, these MALE STUDENTS WILL be arrested. Under the Zero Tolerance policies of the Home Office and Alison Saunders at the Crown Prosecution Service these MALE STUDENTS WILL be prosecuted.  They  WILL be treated as guilty until proven innocent and they WILL have to prove their innocence.

Recognise that feminists have weaponised women.  Women have not been empowered.  They have become unwittingly weaponised by feminists to destroy men and families.  They want women to hate the ones they love. Feminists and vindictive psychos like to pull the trigger.    Feminists like these “Safety Stewards” at Sheffield University will be pulling the trigger to blow up a woman to destroy the man she is with by “referring them” to the police.

If these MALE STUDENTS are prosecuted, which they will be, then the evidence used against them can simply be a Witness Statement from a third party, i.e. the feminist “Safety Steward” that witnessed something and lies or twists it into a domestic abuse case.  For example, Sheffield SU women’s officer Serena Cavasin is quoted as saying: “If they see one student is visibly upset, and they might have not seen what happened, they can say: ‘We’ve got this zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment, so if you want to come with me and if you want to talk to security we can note down this has happened so we can take action.’”

The female complainant will be automatically labelled a “victim.”  Even if she does not support the case, the CPS WILL PROCEED WITH PROSECUTING THE MALE STUDENT based on the witness statements alone.  It will cost the MALE STUDENT in the ballpark of £20,000 in legal fees to prove his innocence.

Male students at Sheffield University, if they have any balls left, need to shut this down.  First, they need to identify the feminists behind this.  Is there a male-hate terrorist organisation behind this such as Women’s Aid?  Once identified, they need to make a complaint to the police and University of harassment, of violation of their right to respect for family life, and anything else they can think of.  They must do so in a peaceful, non-violent manner in spite of these malicious feminists deserving to be burned at the stake.

Parents of students at Sheffield University need to act to shut this down.  Do you fancy having to spend £20,000 in legal fees to defend your son?  Do you fancy sending your son to University only for him to come out with a criminal record and not get a job?

The world has changed.  Since 2010, new laws, amended laws and new application of old laws have radically widened the definitions of domestic abuse, sexual assault, discrimination, harassment, stalking, and hate crime to such an extent that just about anything a man does can now be classed as a crime.  Subjective interpretation is a key enabling feature.  “Coercive and controlling behaviour” is a crime.

Sheffield University men and parents need to act to shut down these dangerous feminists.

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