Men the ‘missing ingredient’ when it comes to workplace gender equality, says new Cambridge study

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Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, as described on the homepage of its own website:

Murray Edwards is a Cambridge College for women. With so much gender inequality still in the world there is a role for a College able to focus on outstanding young women, their learning and skills for life.

It must be a veritable production line of Special Snowflakes, so their ‘study’ should come as no surprise. Its message boils down to this:

Women are strong! Yay!!!

Women’s feelings aren’t being recognized enough by men in the workplace, they need more support from men! Yay!!!

Extracts from the ‘study’:

Researchers at Murray Edwards College have published a new study, Collaborating with Men, which calls on men to do more to help improve the workplace culture for women…

The study offered up five possible things men could do in order to help their female colleagues make better progress in the workplace.

These include holding “supportive” meetings for both genders to air their concerns openly [men may not openly air their concerns that some of their female colleagues are whiny and lazy] and having teams of mixed genders review projects upon completion.

Other ideas included having mentors of the opposite gender and men being prepared to credit women more readily for their ideas, [even when the ideas have no merit, presumably] as well as challenging sexist comments for (sic – ‘more’?) frequently. [Only sexist comments about women need to be challenged, obviously.]

Men have also been encouraged to build “more supportive” relationships with their female colleagues – for example by sitting down and having coffee with them once a week. [Hold on, isn’t having coffee without prior and ongoing enthusiastic consent rape, now?]

Murray Edwards said… [Wow, a talking college!]

My head hurts.

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  • cheannaich

    It is always men that have to step up to the plate. “…rarely been asked whether they see these behaviours as a problem for women”, again it is men’s fault.
    This has similarities to that ‘He for She’ drivel that is actually being adopted into some university policies. No doubt it will have the carrot and stick approach similar to the Athena Swan garbage whereby if the departments don’t comply they lose funding.

  • This piece says it all. Women are strong, women are equal… yet they need more support from men… who are they kidding? What they are really saying indirectly is that women are not strong and not equal to men in terms of abilities and performance.. Why not just admit it openly then and say it publically ? Now, we can either play the gentlemen and pretend that all is well or be true men and say it like it is. As long as men are not prepared to say it how it really is, we will be sinking deeper and deeper into lies and political correctness, affirmative actions, quotas, etc.. Is it really in the best interest of business, education, economy and the society in general to keep on pretending like this ? We’ve already witnessed the break down of the family, the loss of exports due to high labour costs ( largely brought about by perks for women workers.) ,biased judiciary, watered down military entrance exams due to women’s inabilities, etc…etc.. How much further down the gutter are men prepared to go until they finally say it openly that women are much less suitable to business, that their performance does not match men’s etc… The time WILL come when men will have to ditch the gentleman façade and start saying things how they really are.. The longer they wait, the more drastic and painful it will be.