Sharon Mincher, 45, who cheated pensioner out of £40,000, jailed as previous suspended sentence is branded too lenient

Our thanks to Keith for this good news. Extracts:

Serial offender Sharon Mincher was given a suspended sentence in July, but this was upped at London’s Appeal Court. A callous drug addict who was spared jail after she cheated an elderly man out of £40,000 today had her “too soft” sentence upped by top judges.

Sharon Mincher blackmailed the vulnerable victim , who cannot be named, over a 15-year period, threatening to falsely accuse him of rape if he did not give in to her demands.

The 45-year-old was handed a two-year suspended sentence and a drug treatment requirement at Teesside Crown Court in July, after admitting blackmail and stalking.

But her sentence has now been replaced with a five-year jail term by judges sitting at London’s Appeal Court, who said the original punishment was “unduly lenient”. The court heard Mincher, who has 184 criminal convictions to her name, [my emphasis] targeted the victim after he paid her for sex…

In one particularly spiteful incident, she went to his house three times on the day his father had died. She made him hand over £130 – completely ignoring his pleas to be left alone because he was grieving…

Locking her up today, Lady Justice Hallett said: “The judge placed too much weight on the offender’s current efforts, which were to her own benefit, to tackle her drug addiction, and too little weight on the seriousness of the offending, its duration and its impact on the victim.

“Given the link between her offending and her addiction, her efforts weren’t irrelevant and we applaud those efforts. But they could not possibly justify both a reduction in the sentence and the suspension of it.”

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2 thoughts on “Sharon Mincher, 45, who cheated pensioner out of £40,000, jailed as previous suspended sentence is branded too lenient

  1. Although we keep hearing of females getting suspended sentences for their crimes, is it possible that a vast iceberg of female crime is being totally ignored?
    I have a friend that has the misfortune to live next door to an anti-social tenant. She has caused criminal damage, hurls abuse about, threatens people, has attacked her assorted partners, fly tips, seems to fail to comply with her tenancy agreement, has had her children removed by social services, lives rent and council tax free, seemingly owes the council thousands in rent arrears, drinks heavily and has been known to have the odd puff of the waccy baccy.
    Witnesses and CCTV have caught her acts of vandalism/damage and the cops have done nothing. The female cop (am I allowed to use the term Plodette?) even suggested to one householder that her attack, with a long wooden pole, on his CCTV (on his property) was her mearely adusting it.
    Another individual highlighted to the visiting cop that there was a smell of canabis in the air, the cop seemingly had a cold.
    So, complaints to the all female: council anti-social behaviour officer, the council community safety officer, the council head of housing and the cops have come to nothing. If a man were to carry on in such a fashion they would probably be faced with a ban from renting social housing as well as several court rulings/punishment and probably a criminal record.

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