2 thoughts on “Karl McCartney MP (C, Lincoln) leads a debate on the education gender gap

  1. Karl McCartney MP thank you for raising this debate. Men and non Feminist woman, – notice how most of the female members of Parliament participated only to derail the discussion, from its actual topic. The poor performance of boys in the education system.
    These feminist apologists had only one intention and that was to avert the gaze of everybody from what they have been doing in education.
    Preferencing girls in everything over boys. Demonising, and actively, individually, educationally disabling boys. I said Feminist apologists, maybe female apologists would be more accurate, as masculine men have been discouraged from having any involvement with children in a career. On a public and personalised level by Feminists for years.
    Rich boys whose families have them do well in life, employ far more male teachers in their schooling.
    Why don’t boys learn well in a misanderic Feminist echo chamber? Duh!
    Then we have an ‘educated’ I and expect rather wealthy Feminist Politician add in her speech, “The last three decades and correct centuries of male domination, I am not saying female domination is not a good thing I don’t have a problem with woman ruling the world the next few centuries as men have in the past. I think we are prepared to be more equal. According to her.
    What is the debate about again?
    This is what mainly working class white boys are taught in school. This kind of Feminist dogma.
    Most of the female politicians in that debate intended to shut down discussion and cause confusion, with irrelevant issues and warp the debate into talking about girls and woman’s issues to block any discussion that may led to helping boys or the men they will become.
    Basically more free shit for woman.
    It is like taking time off work and going to hospital appointment to get a prostate exam, and find you can’t even enter the urology department because it is full with woman and girls from the latest well funded breast cancer media launch, chatting, drinking tea and eating biscuits!
    The block-walling is still going on. The only way to debate serious issues is ban any woman who identifies as a Feminist. Or man for that matter.
    Feminists have no idea whatsoever to the economic outcomes that they are causing us.

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