One thought on “Conference – Thomas Walter, ‘Men’s Rights in Germany – Issues, Activities, Challenges’

  1. Very interesting differences and similarities. It is often overlooked but just as the USSR lost millions of males in WW2 so did Germany in the same carnage on their eastern front. Some interesting views on the “failure” of German men to protect as Hitler led them to total defeat.
    More generally the comments about the difficulty of concerted action across lots of fragmented groups did set one thinking of J4M&B. Increasingly I see the wisdom of concentrating on the issues that can connect with the wider public. Circumcision, boys education, family breakdown, health issues or unfairness in hiring or paying, all can unite. Whist issues about Criminal Justice, or “Rape Culture” or Domestic abuse which I believe are incredibly important are often about the most feared members of our society : young men. The very least likely people for whom sympathy or empathy is afforded. I see that ultimate shifts in these issues will only be possible if the general view that all males at all times are privileged crumble through relentlessly reminding us that this isn’t so. It certainly is my experience that many realise that there are wrongs, but unfairness’s that people regularly comment on in their or family or friends lives are thought of as outrageous aberrations of a generally fair system, rather than common outcomes of a hijacked system.
    In time honoured fashion it takes someone to remind people that their experiences are common , and then offer a narrative about why they are systemic. Circumsion is a really good example as people I know simply haven’t thought of it, then can’t believe the extent, are confused as to how its really pretty unregulated and unlawful and incredulous that this contrasts with the publicity for FGM. Without mentioning feminism the evident double standard drops unprompted into people’s thinking in my experience.

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