Melanie Jeffs, Nottingham misogyny hate crime whiner, ‘abused online’

Our thanks to Kevin for this, a collaborative effort between Melanie Jeffs, the radical feminist manager of Nottingham Women’s Centre, Nottinghamshire Police, and the BBC. It’s worth checking out in part due to a hilarious retweet by Ms Jeffs, which reads as follows, and is accompanied by two photographs:

QUIZ: Guess which one of these is a ‘Women’s Centre Manager’ who believes wolf-whistling is a #HateCrime?

There must be plenty of crimes Nottinghamshire police aren’t investigating – male genital mutilation and paternity fraud come to mind – while they’re spending time on complaints from whiny narcissistic feminists.

In April 2015 Melanie Jeffs won our Lying Feminist of the Month award for a lie that remains on her centre’s website to this day.

5 thoughts on “Melanie Jeffs, Nottingham misogyny hate crime whiner, ‘abused online’

  1. We really need fathers denied access to their kids in Nottinghamshire (or victims of MGM) to report their cases to police as hate crimes. Perhaps someone could try to stand for Labour there in a all women shortlist seat and report that too.

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