7 thoughts on “Janet Bloomfield: Why did the young vote #remain? They miss Daddy. #BrexitVote.

  1. I’ve heard similar arguments to Ms Bloomfield’s from friends on the right as well as friends on the hard, communist left to the effect that Brexit will be wonderful because it will smash existing political and financial systems so that we’ll be able to build a better society from scratch. But how do they know that their own beliefs are true? It seems a bit like religious faiths, all believing that their God must be the right one but that is always, in the end, an act of faith.

    The reason why I like and support J4MB is because of the specific values and aims of the party, so that when I support it I know what I might get in return. But when it comes to Brexit, this is a leap into the unknown. We cannot know what will happen next and if worse comes to worse, and there is another crash and another deep recession then what might this achieve, other than driving the rate of male suicides still further?

    As said, I hope the effects of this choice will result in positive gains for men’s equality as some have speculated, but at the moment all that one can say is that nobody truly knows.

  2. Thanks. The state in effect denies men can be anything other than perpetrators of domestic violence – certainly as far as supporting victims of DV is concerned, where all available money is hoovered up by Women’s Aid, Refuge etc. We’ve covered this issue at enormous length in the past three years.

  3. mike
    sorry to hijack this comment page, I couldn’t find a contact page for you
    but would you be interested in this
    this is a very biased website, framing men as perpetrators and women as victims.
    I have written a short comment to them on their contact page asking them to justify their bias against men especially the disabled section for which facts were provided by womens aid.

    kind regards

  4. I would add something else, and there are of course always exceptions, such as kp162 and indeed my own 22 year old nephew, who can only be described as an old fashioned countryman.
    These ungracious -and ill mannered – Remainers are by and large of the generation described as the Millennials, with a few, I suppose of the younger Generation Y thrown in.
    There is an enormous amount of people management literature devoted to this age group for the simple reason they are so difficult to manage. Their attitude is one of “Me, me, me!” coupled with an aversion to risk, poor education, a demand for safe spaces and parental style support from tutors and managers alike, narcissism,emotional incontinence and a total lack of self discipline. And the children they see it as being their God given right to produce will be much worse.
    They are basically unemployable outside of the public sector or very large organisations where the resources are available to exercise the level of control and supervision they require, and will always require. And they wonder why smaller firms prefer an immigrant with a strong work ethic, who respects their elders and who has an understanding of true humility. I voted Leave last week because among other things I want to see an end to positive discrimination in favour of women, ethnic minorities and some categories of disabled person, and because like any other headteacher, University admissions tutor, front line supervisor and HR professional, I want to see these pitiful, bad mannered children disciplined into becoming useful members of society. If it’s possible.

  5. Much has been made of the supposed “ignorance” of leave voters. I have now met two people who voted remain because they thought Brexit would mean England would be excluded from the Euro football tournaments. Rather ironic for them that it is a non EU country that just kicked England out.

  6. I’ve seen lots of references to the young being scared and fearful about the future. Is that because project fear had the desired effect on them, while the older generation have come to ignore the lies of the establishment?

    For info, I’m 33, served in the RAF, now work abroad, I took a risk and it’s paying off so far. I didn’t vote, never really felt connected to the political system, due to never having a solid home.

    The biggest influence on my life is ME, not some politicians. I think a lot of these young lefties need to realise they are responsible for their own lives. Stop screaming at people to make your lives better. Do it yourself.

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