Boris Johnson won’t enter Conservative Party leadership race, two anti-male politicians are front runners

Boris Johnson MP is one of very few politicians to have stood up to feminists, having fired a number of feminist parasites in City Hall following his election as Mayor of London. In the past hour he has announced his decision not to run for the Conservative Party leadership, following the decision of Michael Gove MP – his close ally in campaigning for Brexit – not to support his leadership bid. For five years Gove has been saying that he himself doesn’t have the qualities necessary to be party leader, or prime minister. He has, predictably, just announced his own leadership bid.

As Justice Secretary, Michael Gove has expressed not a word of concern over the relentless and systematic anti-male bias of the criminal justice system, which results in a disproportionate number of prisoners being men. Five out of six men in British prisons today wouldn’t be there if men were sentenced with the same leniency as women.

The other front-runner is Theresa May MP, Home Secretary. She infamously posed for photographs whilst in Opposition, wearing a Fawcett Society ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T-shirt. As Home Secretary she has done nothing to counter the anti-male bias of the department. The police don’t press charges for MGM or paternity fraud, and the department takes advice on domestic violence from Women’s Aid and other feminist organizations, therefore following the Duluth Model, despite it having been known for decades to be utterly flawed.

Whoever wins the Conservative party leadership, we shall continue challenging the government. Our long-term strategy is to always challenge the government, regardless of the party or parties in power. All the major parties are institutionally anti-male.

6 thoughts on “Boris Johnson won’t enter Conservative Party leadership race, two anti-male politicians are front runners

  1. Changed my mind on Liam Fox. Turns out he’s a neocon. Andrea Leadsom it is then. She seems a bit like Maggie Thatcher. Feminine yet strong-willed. I haven’t heard her babble feminist lunacy either.

  2. I felt sure it would be Boris, now I wonder why not – what don’t we know? (apart from everything)
    I just can’t see him running for US president either, with apololgies to CC above.
    Please god not the awful May woman..

  3. I want Liam Fox to be the next leader. The best of a bad bunch. I wouldn’t trust any of them, though. I do think Theresa May will be the next PM, though. I just get the sense that’s the way it’s going. I really don’t know how she can call herself a success. As far as I can see, the woman’s totally incompetent.

  4. It is indeed surprising that after succeeding in the Brexit campaign, one of its main supporters, Boris, will not take up the leadership role now. It looks like the feminist menace will not go away regardless of EU membership. It is a separate issue, unfortunately. It is our traditions and culture that keep feeding the feminist flames.
    We need Tradixit !!

  5. I do have a lot of respect for Michael Gove. He’s a conviction politician and he genuinely does believe we would be better off Out. He’s also infinitely preferable to Theresa May.
    As to dear old Boris, he has dual nationality having been born in the USA (apologies to Bruce Springsteen!) and he may see his future there. Being US born, he would be eligible to run for President.

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