2 thoughts on “William Collins: Post-Traumatic Referendum Disorder

  1. Brexit causes not addressed /acknowledged/understood by EU. Even though I believe that free movement of people and labour must be a part of membership, there is a little catch when it comes to Britain. While there are a few migrants trying to take advantage of benefits, the decisive majority are honest. Most migrants choose Britain rather than other member states not because they want to use and abuse it, but because they want to improve their English ! And thus Britain has been burdened disproportionately. This issue should have been recognized and corrected by EU. There should have been a quota on a combined number of migrants accepted, which should be no more than the average number of migrants living across other member states. I for one,am not surprised the huge number of migrants had caused problems in Britain. The EU should have acted for reasons I mentioned above. And all of this mess need not have happened.

  2. In which William shews he’s not just a world class number cruncher – he can do the polemic that MUST go with it too.

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