Wolverhampton Pc sacked for making ‘bad joke’ about rape says his life has been ruined

Our thanks to Ray for this. He writes:

I don’t normally buy my local paper, but I picked up a copy today when I saw the headline, “Wolverhampton Pc sacked for making ‘bad joke’ about rape says his life has been ruined”.

The story turns out to be as appallingly unjust as the headline suggests.

Rape culture doesn’t exist – it’s a figment of feminists’ fevered imaginations – but rape hysteria certainly does, and many men’s lives are ruined by it. The state does all it can to maintain the hysteria. The Coalition Agreement in May 2010 committed to bringing back anonymity for those suspected of having carried out sexual offences, but later reneged on the promise, under pressure from feminists.

2 thoughts on “Wolverhampton Pc sacked for making ‘bad joke’ about rape says his life has been ruined

  1. But given that it is the police who enforce all the feminist laws, should we have any sympathy for this police officer? If a woman had made a false allegation of rape against you I’m sure that police officer would have no problem at all in arresting you in a dawn raid, splashing your face all over the papers pre-trial and the harassing you every 3 months once you are placed on the sex offender register. He would even re-arrest you and jail you again when you violate one of the many restrictions placed on registrants.

    Not to mention, this police officer was training taser use, which is some serious shit and I’m sure I vaguely recall many years ago (during a long forgotten golden age) we used to have a mostly unarmed police force. These days they seem to waltz up and down the streets with tasers and submachine guns. As a result police officers have been given a license to kill indiscriminately – and a worrying precedent.

  2. The biggest issue for me here is the double standard here. There’s various outrageously sexist feminists in taxpayer funded positions, positions of trust or in political parties who “joke” about killing all men or putting them all in camps and they almost never face any consequences – best case scenario was a Lib Dem losing one of her 4 positions in the party. Worse still, they invariably clearly hate men and have carried out sexist actions so it’s never actually clear to what extent they’re being serious, again making it worse than this case.

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