One thought on “Dr Murray Straus RIP

  1. Sad news. Sadder still that his work was so broadly ignored by our governments.

    It must be said that, despite the efforts of Murray et al to approach the subject with a unbiased eye, domestic abuse has always been very much a “gendered” phenomenon, committed vastly more by women than men. The root cause might well be the sexist indoctrination of children in social and formal education, whereby little girls bully boys around 20 times more than the reverse and carry the impunity afforded them into adulthood, the men long cowed into accepting female violence. It would seem that Mary Koss’ widely-enforced Duluth Model simply mirrored the sexes in an attempt to mask the research of the 1970s showing the ugly truth – and that women hitting in self defence makes up less than 5% of instances. 95% female perpetration sounds about right to me, reciprocated or not.

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