The Women’s Equality Party’s broadcast in support of getting Sophie Walker elected as London Mayor

We invite you to vote in response to this appalling video (3:56) on the official WEP YouTube channel. Let’s see how they respond.

We’ve posted the piece on our Vimeo channel – here. Feel free to leave comments.

The video currently has 32 upvotes and 90 downvotes, and has attracted some interesting comments. I’ve just posted the following comment, and invite you to post your own.

Sophie Walker and Sandi Toxic have each won two of our political party’s Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards:


Have a nice day.

Mike Buchanan


(and the women who love them)


7 thoughts on “The Women’s Equality Party’s broadcast in support of getting Sophie Walker elected as London Mayor

  1. In this bizarre mish mash of
    ‘Things That Are Indisputably Good’
    – as flacidly facile as it is sanctimoniously simplistic –
    we learn that the self styled WEP
    ( Women’s Entitlement Party ) are in favour of lots and lots of ever so ‘good things’.
    This means you can vote for them, ok?

    For example, girls innocently playing together in a London public space are ;

    A. Good.
    B. Bad

    Yes, that’s right the answer is A. They are
    Conversely, dark, comically evil looking men from central casting blowing their horns in cars are….

    Yes! Right again, they are ‘Bad’.
    ( TIP. If you ever see any men in cars, you might want to take the number and report them to the police as rapists.)
    Meanwhile the trio of playmates look on
    on in Winnie the Pooh like puzzlement as the girl with ‘oppressed victim’ stamped on her face is driven off to meet her unspoken fate.
    We further learn that while things like, oh, bicycles are double plus ‘Good’, as are showers at work for example, lorries are
    ‘Bad’, and stuff for shops should, by rights, get there some other means.
    Ox cart possibly?
    Anyway that’s a minor detail to be sorted later.
    Education is not overlooked either – I should say not.
    The Women’s Entitlement Party intend to fund school ‘Sex and Relationship’ classes to help young people understand ‘relationships and consent’.
    I’m so glad this is being undertaken by such a responsible and respected party, so it’ll be a safe space in which to influence pupils in a way that will affect them for the rest of their lives – the thought of the damage that could be done to young minds if this power were to be misused by people with a hidden agenda and who would be more than willing to lie about it, if past performance were anything to go by would definitely be ;

    A. A ‘Bad Thing’
    B. A ‘Good Thing’

    I feel that you should know the right answer by now without any further help from me.

    In conclusion, I would like to draw you attention to 01.11 in the video where the speaker says ” So that women can really take charge ( brief pause )… of their own direction”.
    How eloquent a pause that is, giving as it does, an honest insight into their overriding policy.
    And that’s undoubtedly ‘A Good Thing’, and thus I’ll waste no time in recommending you vote for them.

  2. thank you
    I have added my comment.

    I have politely( didn’t want to be censored) requested that they come back to us for endorsement when they have decided to represent everyone( EG all genders).. because hey london is a very diverse city and requires a mayor that represents EVERYONE not the political aspirations of a narrow view.
    as for the video, classic scaremongering, reminds me of too many political campaign that have very poor arguements and thus require the “vote for us cos the other side will eat your babies” scare tactics.

  3. Thanks for flagging this Mike. Posted my comment. “Women’s Equality Party,” because feminists believe that men are just mules to do the dirty work. Get this little gem … get the shipping trucks off the road, with no idea on how to provide the goods that the princesses insist upon 24/7.

  4. From the video, “imagine a world where all women and children are safe”. Why not one where everyone is safe? Why are children lumped together with women unless they think of themselves as children? The needs of children should be a separate issue.

    The whole premise of the video is faulty. The Western world has never been safer for women, they have never been more able to be independent if they want to be, and never been better provided for in terms of a safety net for those not able to. Men do not get a single mention as deserving of help or assistance.

    All in all reviewing this video and other stated policies they seem to be a women only version of the national front party in that their motivation appears to be based on a partly racist, but mainly bigoted ideology. I see little to no equality being asked for. I have no problem with their democratic right to express their political views but I hope people give then similar weight as the national front receive.

    Arranging party meetings must be difficult with all that flexible working to coordinate. They must have to hire or appoint two or more people(women) for every position to cover the hours. More donations will be needed. Equality is expensive.

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