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It grieves me to bring news that Angry Harry, a British legend in the MRM for many years, has passed away, at the age of 64. His partner called me earlier today to inform me of the news. Harry died suddenly from a brain aneurysm at the end of February, we hope without having suffered.

His partner also emailed Paul Elam, who’s posted this tribute, which explains why Harry was so widely admired. At the Detroit conference in 2014, many people came up to me hoping to meet Angry Harry and/or ManWomanMyth. Sadly neither were there, and MWM has since ‘gone to ground’.

An archived copy of the home page of Harry’s principal website is here.

My memories of Harry, from the four or five times we met, are of a warm, generous, amusing and mild-mannered man (despite his pseudonym). A deeply private man, he didn’t even own a mobile phone. He declined an offer to speak at the London conference because he was concerned that if his identity became publicly known, it could impact negatively on his work prospects. But he was grateful for a complimentary ticket, and was greatly looking forward to meeting people at the conference, after insisting that we didn’t announce his appearance as a delegate in advance.

Harry was one of the good ones, who helped bring so many to the MRM. May he rest in peace.

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  1. I first came across Angry Harry’s site back in 2006 when I was still in university. I enjoyed his combination of light hearted humour amongst his eviscerations of radical and gender feminism. His photomontages were especially amusing. He wasn’t my primary source of info about men’s rights activism, but he was always there when you needed him to make sense of some nonsense. He put in a long hard fight of reason against the delusional ideological feminists and their enablers, and I will forever greatly respect and appreciate him for that, and take his untimely death as a cue to keep up the good fight.

  2. His combination of fearlessness, intelligence, wit and sheer humanity has not been matched ANYWHERE else. What is more since I knew his real name – I discovered that he was also well loved in his private life both professionally and personally. To me the world felt so much better place just knowing he was in it. That’s why to me this is an irreplaceable loss. Thank you Angry Harry for being such a brave man with a heart of gold.

  3. Oh, gosh. I’ve not spoken with Harry for over a year. Despite his chosen moniker, he was one of the more gentle, logical and sensible men fighting for men and against hypocrisy, especially feminism.

    I hope his website will be backed up for prosperity. It contains some brilliant wisdom; often of the type that makes you think ‘of course’ but which wasn’t clear before.

    Harry and I were happy to disagree at times (and he could be very forceful even though gentle) but he and I also shared some useful tips that helped make me more powerful with my words and more broad with my research. He was a man I could look up to. His passing is a sad personal loss and a tragic loss for the voice for decency and logical sense.

    More tributes here:

  4. He was the very first website I ever read that criticized feminism. His articles were true, simple and do-the-point. His knowledge-psychology, history etc-was vast! Not for Nothing is he Called “The Father of The Men’s Movement”.
    I cannot know whether history will remember him-but it should!

  5. Harry was special to me since his site was the first I’d come across that reflected the ideas I was already forming myself, although of course much better informed, researched and, crucialy, actually written down. ( And I told him as much when we met, now I’glad I did. )
    What a find! For the first time it became clear — I was not alone.
    Thank you Harry

  6. Terrible TERRIBLE news! He was amongst the most brilliant and courageous minds I have ever encountered; infusing his writing with scathing sarcasm, overwhelming intellect and witty discourse. You will be sorely missed, Angry Harry!

  7. Angry Harry was my introduction almost ten years ago to the horrors of feminism and its most important weapon: family law. He remained for all those years a loud voice of truth above the persistent droning lies of feminism. I’m very sad to hear of his passing. His efforts were not in vain.

  8. Learned so much from his site, decent sense of humour too. Back when I was getting to grips with men’s issues the go-to places would be Glenn Sacks and Angry Harry.

    He had an entire domain devoted to exposing Harriet Harman which I particularly enjoyed, especially as he was rather good at getting his sites high up in Google rankings. It doesn’t happen so much these days due to less activity on his site, but no so long ago you’d often search for a particularly nasty or just as well known feminist and his site would pop up as one of the top few results exposing their sexism.

    He must have educated countless people about feminism, many of whom wouldn’t have otherwise seen such content becasue they weren’t actually seeking it out.

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