3 thoughts on “Sheila Gunn Reid: Special law for women bails them out of depraved acts of evil

  1. Feminism is a mere by-product of western men’s super duper lenient treatment of women.
    It is amusing how men hope for women to change, be less feminist, more gentle. What men do not realizing is that it is men who have to change their treatment of women to a far less lenient mode, in order to see women become less feminist. Excessive leniency towards women perverts justice and stokes feminism.

  2. Sheila is living proof that not all women in Canada are the raving harpies that you hear about in the Gregory Allan Elliot and Jian Ghomeshi trials and one of the few journalists here that hasn’t drank the SJW/feminist Kool-aid.
    The MSM is amazing and outrageous here, with almost the whole Canadian media ignoring the verdict with the obvious lies and falsehoods displayed by the women in the trial and continuing to act as if Ghomeshi is still a rapist instead of just a pandering mangina who tells women what they want to hear and demands kinky sex in return.
    Both of these recent trials display the incredibly damaging hypocrisy of the feminist hate movement here in Canada.

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