Karen, Sage, Hannah and that Judgy Bitch have a request

A fundraiser has just been launched in relation to four key people who need to attend the London conference. It includes a video (7:18) with contributions from the four of them. From the website:

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to the cost of travel, accommodations and expenses such as meals and transport within London for Sage Gerard, Karen Straughan, Hannah Wallen and Janet Bloomfield.

Janet Bloomfield, the blogger behind Judgybitch.com, will be speaking at the event, as will be Karen Straughan, the video blogger and speaker known as girlwriteswhat and Sage Gerard, the founder of the male college advocacy group Zen Men. Hannah Wallen, a professional photographer and videographer, will record the event for posterity and for the benefit of all who cannot attend in person.

They are all volunteers, meaning they accept no fees or honoraria for participation.

J4MB has contributed 13 conference tickets, which are a ‘reward’ for making a donation to the appeal of US$375 (£265.00 at the current exchange rate of £1.00 = US$1.41).

Please donate what you can. It’s critical that these four extraordinary and inspiring people attend the conference. Thank you for your support, as always.

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