The Crown Prosecution Service on Twitter

The anti-male bias and sexual abuse fixation of the Crown Prosecution Service – led by Alison Saunders, last month’s Toxic Feminist of the Month – is reflected in its Twitter output. Mainly used for self-promotion – especially of Ms Saunders herself – it also links to a number of criminal convictions. Since the start of the year all the cited convictions in the CPS’s Twitter output have been of men, usually for sexual assault.

3 thoughts on “The Crown Prosecution Service on Twitter

  1. Just looking further through the feed, they like to use the term “men”, “males” etc as often as possible whereas it seems when women commit crimes the gender isn’t ever mentioned at all (yet it’s emphasised when they’re the victims of course). The only remotely gendered term relating to female criminals I saw used was “wife”.

  2. It does seem very sexist, definitely a lot of feminist propaganda on display though I think a more detailed analysis is required.

    A tweet sent on Dec 9th is also quite telling (though not nearly as troubling as them actually charging a guy with harassment for defending himself from false rape allegations).

    BTW your link to their Twitter feed doesn’t’ work.

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