9 March: ‘The Red Pill’ (BBC Radio 4)

Last International Men’s Day, 9 November, I was one of many people engaged in an anti-MGM protest in Parliament Square. The video (6:30) is here.

With no prior notice, Jolyon Jenkins, a man who said he was making a programme for BBC Radio 4 about MGTOWs, joined us, and asked to record some 1:1 interviews. Those interviews form much of the substantive content of a half hour long programme titled, ‘The Red Pill’, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 9 March. My thanks to K for loading it onto our Vimeo channel, here. I recommend you read the short description before listening to the piece.

I’m proud of all the people who made valuable contributions to the programmes, which by definition excludes Jolyon Jenkins.

Feel free to add comments, I won’t be moderating them on this occasion.

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