Melissa Ann Shepard, 80, the ‘Internet Black Widow’: Is this Canada’s most dangerous woman?

Our thanks to a number of people for pointing us to this. How can it be that this evil woman isn’t spending the rest of her days in prison? A man who’d committed the same crimes against women – including murder – certainly would be. An extract from the BBC piece:

Strategos says he knew very little about Shepard when they first met and was unaware of her previous crimes, including her 1992 conviction for killing her second husband, Gordon Stewart.

Journalist Barb McKenna met Shepard soon after she was released from prison for that offence, in 1994. Shepard had served two years of a six-year manslaughter sentence for drugging Stewart and running him over twice in a car. Shepard’s defence was that Stewart had been trying to rape her at the time.

‘Shepard’s defence was that Stewart had been raping her at the time’ – ‘the time’ being when she drugged him and ran him over twice in a car. Yes, that sounds like a perfectly credible defence. And she spent just two years in prison for killing her husband. Men’s lives are cheap.

5 thoughts on “Melissa Ann Shepard, 80, the ‘Internet Black Widow’: Is this Canada’s most dangerous woman?

  1. There must be a high ranking radical feminist female in the Canadian judiciary who is destroying far more lives, i.e. who is far better placed to rank as Canada’s most dangerous woman.

  2. western men need to stop feeling pity for women in all situations of life. Women may be physically weaker than men, but that does not mean they can’t kill, rob, manipulate, drug and beat other people, including men. They certainly can and do. What they may lack in physical strength, they certainly make up for with intrigue, deceit and lies. That is oftentimes even worse than physical abuse ! Our western culture of constantly excusing women’s bad behavior, solely for being women, HAS TO CHANGE. There is no sufficient reason why it should not. The female genitals are not a proper or valid reason. Men face all the same hardships in life that women do. More often than not, physical strength can not overcome those. So both men and women face equal measure of difficulties in life. Why treat women with impunity ?

  3. McKenna met Shepard when the former prisoner was giving talks across Canada about battered woman syndrome, a criminal defence that can be used by victims of domestic abuse who go on to attack their partner. She also appeared in a 1994 documentary called When Women Kill, and won a government grant to help others like herself.

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