‘A quarter of a million’ UK students now using sugar daddies, according to app

An interesting piece from the BBC. An extract:

The app makers believe the high cost of university fees and accommodation in the UK is making students look at new ways of making cash while studying.

Fortunately the ‘high cost of university fees and accommodation in the UK’ isn’t impacting on male students, thanks to their generous monthly Patriarchy Council cheques.

3 thoughts on “‘A quarter of a million’ UK students now using sugar daddies, according to app

  1. That day has come and gone.

    I can see a reversion to genuine, long-term, apprenticeships for even highly technical jobs, in which apprentices must demonstrate above average ability continuously, or lose their places, rather than accept as sufficient qualifications that have clearly been awarded to effectively incapable or incompetent ‘people’ for ideological reasons.

    Perhaps we’ll see female graduates becoming non-operative operatives, the equivalent of non-executive directors, in which they get the job title, the pay and perks and satisfy the quota requirements while being kept from causing problems for their male colleagues to sort out.

    Eventually, after perhaps a few decades, women will decide that, like every other ‘toy’ men play with, careers are just not as much fun as dolls and wendy houses, then men can get on with the business of sorting out the mess the women have made, again.

  2. How ironic ! Large numbers of female students are once again engaging in ‘activities’ that education was supposed to free them from, according to feminist philosophy.
    Relying on sugar daddies is de facto prostitution. It is difficult to describe these female students as ‘victims of trafficking’, the feminists’ favourite excuse,this time. What can the feminists come up with to portray these female students as victims again? It is difficult to blame the high tuition costs, because male students are managing just fine, without the need to rely on ‘sugar mummies’.
    Like it or not, the most likely reason is good old greed and laziness on the part of female students.
    Another reason could also be a lack of enterprising spirit, which they compensate for by prostitution.

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