Millionaire plumber is ordered to pay his Lithuanian former cleaner girlfriend huge slice of his fortune – even though they were NEVER married

Our thanks to Mike for this. An extract should give you a flavour of the piece:

He paid himself £150,000-a-year from his plumbing empire, and gave her [his twice-married girlfriend] an annual salary of up to £93,000 for a job which did not require her to work. [My emphasis]

When they split after nine years, Miss Cerniauskaite, who now works as a businesswoman and model, [no evidence is given that she’s a ‘businesswoman’, unless the ‘business’ is gold digging, and she’s slightly older than the average model, at 47] claimed she had a right to their £650,000 second home in the village of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. [The home she originally refused to move into, on the grounds it had inadequate wardrobe space.]

Mr Hoggins contested that he paid the house’s £100,000 deposit, the mortgage costs and all the bills after buying it in 2009. But a judge at a hearing at the First-Tier Tribunal in London has ruled the property is, and always was, Miss Cerniauskaite’s alone.

The money Mr Hoggins ploughed into the home was a ‘gift’ by a ‘generous’ man, Judge Ann McAllister ruled. [My emphasis]

She added: ‘There is no doubt that John was extremely generous in these years and that considerable sums of money passed through his hands.

‘It is clear from all the evidence I have heard and read that John now feels very bitter towards Greta and has convinced himself that, from the outset, her intentions were to get what she could out of the relationship financially. [My emphasis]

John’s convinced me of the same thing. He feels ‘very bitter towards Greta’? A sure sign of a man with sound judgement, you might think. But he married for the fifth time after this relationship broke down in 2013. At least he had the sense this time to have a prenuptial agreement in place. Let’s hope a court takes the document into account when the inevitable happens, because it won’t be obliged to. This is a man who never learns, it would seem. What does he imagine makes him so attractive to women?

Why rich men have intimate relationships with women, when they have so much to lose, is a mystery. At one time the risk was gold-digging wives. Because of judges such as Ann McAllister, the risk has been extended to gold-digging girlfriends.

9 thoughts on “Millionaire plumber is ordered to pay his Lithuanian former cleaner girlfriend huge slice of his fortune – even though they were NEVER married

  1. You might as well ask why it is that men cannot walk through the jungle without being eaten by tigers. The fact is they can and the tiger is not to blame if a man is stupid enough to walk through the jungle. If you don’t want to be eaten by a tiger don’t walk through the jungle.

  2. it’s interesting to see how all the comments focus on the man’s naïve nature in ‘re-marrying’ (even though he was NOT married to the previous woman),rather than commenting on the fact that such blatant rip-offs are even possible in western countries these days. Why does no one make a comment as to why such rip-offs are legally possible in the first place, and what may be the cause of such crooked legislation to exist at all.. And what men need to do (or not to do)to change this blatantly anti-male society. I agree that the man is naïve. But that does not mean it should be possible to rip him or any other man off like this. I’d like to hear some comments regarding why our society is so very anti-male and what led to this absurd scenario, in order to correct it.
    Laughing at the man’s naivety is not what men need to focus on. Men should be able to be safe from rip-offs, even when they are naïve. Ridiculing the man instead of addressing the root cause of this absurd legal situation virtually justifies or excuses such rip-offs.

  3. Why would any man get married or even co-habitate with a woman. All western men know that they run about a 50/50 chance of ending up in the same situation. It’s insane.

  4. Every woman, domestic or foreign, picks up on the fact that there is ‘gold to be digged’ in Britain and everywhere else in the western world..
    They sense that men there are either simply too unassertive, too polite or naïve and can easily be exploited. . They are right about that. And that’s why men must change this status quo, unless they somehow enjoy being made idiots out of and robbed of their possessions and rights..
    I do not believe any tradition can justify this. And if it indeed does, then it needs to be done away with.

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