Feminist Fight Club: Defeat The Patriarchy With This Hilarious Computer Game

Our thanks to Sean for this. It’s one of the silliest HuffPo pieces I’ve ever read – and that’s saying something – and Eve Hartley, the authoress, nominates herself for a ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award with this sentence:

There are many battlefields, but one of the most treacherous places to be a strong woman is the workplace – where career-hindering misogynists are lurking at every corner.

In the course of 30 years working in the private sector, I never met any ‘career-hindering misogynists’. It’s my considered judgement that Ms Hartley is as loopy as a drunken fruit bat.

On the plus side, her credits on HuffPo led me to an article with a glorious five-second-long piece of video with the unlikely title Vlogger Aimee Bannister Gets Hit in Face by Fish During Storm Gertrude in South Wales. We can but hope Ms Bannister is a radical feminist, for maximum comic effect.

One thought on “Feminist Fight Club: Defeat The Patriarchy With This Hilarious Computer Game

  1. Perfect comment Sire. Just perfect. It made my current miserable existence of missing my only beautiful Child worthwhile for one moment. Feminism is an evil not seen or bestowed on men since Emmeline Pankhurst and her fruitbat gang of wenches handed out white feathers to to the soon to be condemned innocent soldiers sacrificing their lives in the name of freedom. Especially considering at the time, most those brave men and boys too did not have the right to vote either. feminism is an insanity caused in part, by the reluctance of modern good men to speak up and say enough. I tell you again the Empress has no clothes, she is stark raving naked.

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