3 thoughts on “National Coalition for Men sued a women’s networking group for sex discrimination

  1. I can understand a british antipathy to the lawsuit happy American way. But the NCM and their cases has meant that individual men in the US do use their laws. One result is variations between States and more public awareness. The successful tactic in the UK has been to infiltrate the production of Gov. “Guidance” . Thus public disquiet about feminists is thus undisturbed by a really secret revolution. Thus talking to people on the streets they generally assume boys are helped at school, that men are abused and are helped, that hiring and promotion is fair and divorcing partners are helped. The difference between the public perception and the actual is great. But in this country there is little to disabuse young people or those without negative experiences of a benign view that out laws will be applied fairly. NCM cases and the like give airtime to the alternative perspective and reminds individuals to use their rights.

  2. National Coalition for Men ! I love the sound of it ! Feminists provoked a reaction and in the end, they may get more than they bargained for ! Go NCM !!!

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