Kathy Gyngell: Cheer up! Only 7 per cent of Brits call themselves feminists.

An excellent piece, drawing on a poll undertaken by… The Fawcett Society! Their Gormless Feminists of the Month award certificate is here.

It is claimed that 9% of British women and 4% of British men self-identify as feminists, an average of around 7% overall. In my experience the vast majority of such people know little if anything about the true nature of feminism, and suffer from the delusion that it’s concerned with the pursuit of gender equality (rather than the truth, the pursuit of gender supremacy).

I am convinced that fewer than 1% of British people are radical/gender feminists, the group that has created havoc for 30+ years in the UK, and across much of the developed world.

It’s time for some democracy.

It’s time for the 99% of British people who aren’t radical feminists, to consign these contemptible hate-driven people to the dustbin of history.

4 thoughts on “Kathy Gyngell: Cheer up! Only 7 per cent of Brits call themselves feminists.

  1. mmm. bought to you by the fawcett society campaigning for womens equality by purchasing T-shirts made by exploiting women ( classic own goal)

    If you can find the article by the fawcett society( sorry I have lost the link), which I read, you can tell fawcett is desperate

    They claim that although few people call themselves feminists a majority of people hold feminist values.

    I thought that if you hold feminist values then ergo you must a be a feminist right?
    or is it that a majority of people hold egalitarian values( eg true equality) and fawcett have attempted to appropiate other peoples values?

    if anyone can find the article please pass it to mike, so that the world can see the hyprocritical contradiction of fawcett

    men eh… every feminists go to bogeyman

  2. I partly agree, but it’s your actions and belief’s that earn the label. If you act like, behave like and subscribe to the feminist ideology, then that person is a feminist. The problem these days, is that individuals like to label themselves, instead of being labelled for you are. Self labelling is a great way of hiding your true self. When a terrorist enter the country with the label of an Asylum Seeker, he is a Terrorist, not an asylum seeker.

  3. The problem is, though a lot of people don’t actually use the label ‘feminism’ they’ve still absorbed a lot of bullshit, and many of them still find it to be a confrontation to their world view if you actually say something anti-feminist, despite the fact they don’t actively partake in the role of being a ‘feminist’

  4. Very well said, one has to question ones sanity, to believe fantasy, and extreme ideology over fact, wisdom and truth. One has to question why we are forced by propaganda to believe in radical idea’s, over common sense and intelligence. Feminism is a farce, and our government should see how damaging it is to national security to show how weak they are against 1% of the population, how government can be bent and twisted at will. I thought we were all supposed to obey our rulers, masters and governors. Are feminists doing this, NO. They attack our rules, our institutions, they are simply Terrorists. The Feminist Ideology was about Women, not Gender Equality. Surely it always was. There is no Equality even in the title of this false organisation made up of fragmented groups of misplaced angry women. How does the word FEM-inism suggest equality, it suggest inequality. It suggest Female Dominance based on what, on Greed, pushing the boundaries to far. Is this why men were in control, is this why the gifted Y Chromosome made males strong of body and mind. Do Females know when to stop, I don’t think so. I mean, 2 Pairs of shoes is never enough, is it. They will not stop by themselves, good women, need to join good men and stop the Evil, Now.

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