A rare chance to acquire a classic vehicle, a solid investment opportunity.


11 months ago Silver Surfer, a father’s rights advocate, generously bought and provided to J4MB for use in the campaigning leading up to the general election in May, an example of the ultimate classic van (above). He and I have long shared an enthusiasm for classic vans – we’re both regular contributors of articles and letters to Classic Van Monthly – and they don’t get more valuable than this particular model, for reasons I explained in a video recorded on the day its livery was applied.

But all good things must come to an end, and we’ve decided that the van should be sold, and the sale proceeds passed to Silver Surfer. We’d prefer it to be bought by a J4MB supporter who’d retain its livery – it’s a useful advertisement for the party, for one thing. It has a new MOT.

Please contact me mike@j4mb.org.uk as soon as possible, if you wish to look around the vehicle, have a test drive, and possibly put in an offer for this classic van. Don’t take too long thinking about it, though. Investment opportunities like this don’t come around often, it need hardly be said.

The vehicle is parked in Bedford.

One thought on “A rare chance to acquire a classic vehicle, a solid investment opportunity.

  1. Surely you mean good little runner, clean honest motor John, no rust  (much) one lady owner…( Harriet Harpic?)

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