Corbyn accused of “low-level non-violent misogyny”

Our thanks to Ray for this.

Surprisingly, given the title, it’s not a piece in the Daily Mash. It’s a quote from Jess Phillips MP, the gobby idiot who clearly fancies herself as the natural successor to Mad Hattie. Julie Burchill, a gobby idiotic journalist, is a big admirer of Ms P, predictably.

The irony of Phillips talking about misogyny is quite something. Because denying Philip Davies MP the opportunity of a debate on men’s issues on International Men’s Day wasn’t evidence of her misandry. No, siree… Thankfully other MPs on her committee, with IQs well above hers (running into double figures) later agreed to the debate being held.

Surely, for feminists, ‘low-level non-violent misogyny’ would be the best form of misogyny? Preferable to high-level violent misogyny, at the very least? Feminists are never happy, are they?

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  1. Quite by chance I happened upon Newsnight (given up on it years ago) tonight just at the moment Jess was on being, well, gobby. Appeared to be a report on how it wasn’t Jeremy Corbyn’s fault that despite a shadow cabinet “over 50% women” the “leadership” positions were all male. One of the labour shadow women, having proclaimed her religious belief in “the patriarchy”, did keep pointing out that the reason it wasn’t Jeremy’s fault was that the labour party membership had voted them in when there were “brilliant women” also on offer. That her opposition thought Jeremy should correct this gross mistake by the Party by “appointing” women spoke volumes about the Blairite disregard for votes by “plebs” and “bigots” aka its own party membership.
    Evan Davies will be getting into trouble soon as he looked all too amused by the obvious nonsense and lobbed in Mrs. T at the end with rather a twinkle in his eye.
    I must admit I had thought Hattie had engineered some composite rule a deputy leader always had to be a woman if the leader was a man. Clearly not.
    Anyway in amongst making a bedtime drink I noted that Labour women MPs need special “protection” in a forthcoming round of constituency boundary changes, that labour parties in local government were in the dark ages and certain unnamed “powerful” shadow offices were vital for women and should be reserved for women even if the party members hadn’t voted for them.
    Fascinating isn’t it. Labour reverts to Marxism and Labour (working people) and posh women wonder why they’re just not as precious as before.

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